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Minnie Driver “Everything I’ve Got in my Pocket”/ Emmy Rossum “Inside Out”

Posted in Minnie Driver/Emmy Rossum on May 31, 2011 by moviemoses

I’m reviewing these two albums through a very tenuous connection they both starred in Phantom of the Opera together.  That and because I don’t have a ton to write on each individual album so I’m being a little lazy and combining them. If you had me place a bet on which of the two would have a better album I would have put it all on Emmy Rossum. If there was one thing that everyone was saying about the Phantom movie it was that Emmy had amazing singing talent. Her range was incredible and she was trained in opera singing. Minnie Driver on the other hand had someone else sing for her in the movie. Now I can’t really blame Minnie for not having the same range as needed for the movie, but that being said, there was nothing about her voice that really stood out. Little did I know that “Everything I’ve Got in my Pocket” would actually turn out to be a good album, while “Inside Out” is the worst album in my “When Actors Try to Sing” category and will remain the worst (I foresee) for a long long time.

Why is “Inside Out” complete and utter ass? Well you expect the CD to showcase what made Emmy so special in Phantom of the Opera. I expected big numbers which has her bringing the house down with her high notes. What we get is what you would get from an Enya CD if Enya drank a gallon of NyQuil prior to recording. It’s all this atmospheric musak with Emmy mumbling incoherent crap in this low tone. Her voice is the equivalent of John Tesh falling asleep on his keyboard. The reason I can’t really talk about the tracks and whatnot is because I honestly can’t remember a single song. There is not a single track or beat or anything that I can remember in this cure for insomnia. It is almost criminal how wasted the talent for this CD was. Emmy should be more ashamed of this album, than even her starring in Dragonball Evolution.

“Everything I’ve Got in my Pocket” by contrast, was a breath of fresh air. These are mostly light pop or ballads by Driver. The music is composed well with some good hooks and utilizes Minnie to the best of her abilities. Again, in contrast to Rossum’s album, this has several memorable tracks from the title track, to Invisible Girl, Deeper Water, to Down which I’ve even heard on radio a few times. My major problem is I still don’t see anything all that memorable about Minnie’s voice. It seems like any good singer could pick this up and do well by it. But kudos to Driver to getting material suited for her talents and not trying to do too much and get exposed as a weak singer.

So do I recommend any of these albums? Well “Inside Out” should be buried in the desert next to ET Atari cartridges. “Everything I’ve Got in my Pocket” is a more reserved recommendation. This CD is very “easy listening” which probably isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea. I probably would not buy it either except for the case I was forced into listening it. But if it is your kind of music and if some sample tracks interest you then I guarantee you the rest of the album is just as good. Mild recommendation.

Everything I’ve got in my Pocket

Emmy Rossum- Stay