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Warlock III: The End of Innocence (Eric Freiser) 1999

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So we’ve finally hit direct to video schlock with the Warlock ending up in a bland slasher film.  I’m frankly surprised we haven’t had Warlock in Space or in da Hood but I don’t want to give Hollywood ideas.  It is also strange that after two films where the Warlock is travelling around America on these epic fetch quests we have gone smaller with the stories by having him pick off college students in a spooky old house.

The story is Kris (Ashley Laurence) discovers she is the long lost relative of some family she never heard of and she has inherited their ancestral house.  Kris did not know her parents and takes a weekend off from college (bringing her annoying college friends along of course) to go to the house to see if there are some clues to her past.  The Warlock (now played by Bruce Blue Lips Payne) needs to sacrifice Kris in order to gain more demonic powers.

You may think I would hate this movie more than the last one.  Despite being the third movie, we still aren’t continuing any of the plot threads from the previous two and in fact we are glossing over even more things.  Like can we please have even a token explanation for why the Warlock is alive!?  This guy gets thoroughly disintegrated and he just pops up at the house in this movie like ‘whatev‘.  It’s bad when you can’t even be bothered to come up with a bullshit excuse.  It’s also bad when Julian Sands is too good for your sequel and you have to get Bruce Payne to stand in for you.

But despite all that, I can’t hate this as much as The Armageddon.  This movie is shite don’t get me wrong, but it is still slightly better than II.  Why?  Cause stuff happens in this movie.  Yes, the scope of the plot is diminished by being a glorified boogeyman but there is at least some arc.  There is even a reason for why the Warlock has to pick off the students one at a time.  As part of the ritual of sacrificing Kris, the Warlock has to get her friends to betray her by corrupting them.  As much as I harp on overacting Payne, it was slightly entertaining to see him do smarmy Faustian deals.  The man is just funny when he is trying to be sleazy and here he is trying to get people to betray everyone else for the dumbest reasons.

This is still a dirt cheap horror film and it has all the trappings of a lazy cash in.  The characters are your stock unlikable douches who you are not supposed to like and are just fodder for the bad guy.  Even our main character is inconsistent and annoying.  She spends one night in the house alone prior to her friends showing up and she is practically seeing blood coming from the walls.  Later when Bruce Payne shows up acting like his character from Highlander Endgame one of Kris‘ friends tries to explain that he is a shady person and Kris just brushes it off.  I’m sorry, but not two seconds ago this place freaked you out enough that you almost ran back into town through a thunderstorm, but Bruce Payne acting like the son of Satan and causing everyone around him to be sick is perfectly normal?  Also, even though I somewhat praised this movie for having an explanation for the students getting picked off, of course the writing is inconsistent.  There is one friend who flatly says no to the Warlock’s offer and says she will never betray Kris?  What does he do?  He just kills her.  Don’t let a thing like writing yourself into a corner get you down writers of Warlock III.  Just plow straight through like the Kool Aid man.

There is still no reason to see Warlock III.  Bruce Payne, while slightly amusing, never chews enough scenery to make it entertaining and is in fact rather reserved from his usual schlock.  Of course, nothing is added or continued to the Warlock story line and is a disposable horror film.  The story is bland, the characters are annoying, the budget is minuscule  and the effects are non-existent.  While this movie didn’t piss me off like The Armageddon, that is still far away from me actually recommending this to anyone.  This is still a shitty sequel and hopefully there is never a fourth movie.

Warlock: The Armageddon (Anthony Hickox) 1993

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So for Halloween I am doing a horror marathon and I wanted to complete the Warlock series.  I saw the whole series including the first which I already reviewed because I wanted to refresh myself on the story and see if anything has changed.  Maybe time has made me appreciate it more or maybe I am retroactively appreciating it more due to how low the series eventually goes but I liked the original Warlock a lot more.  Now I said I liked it but I found the switches in tone (from comic to horror) rather jarring.  Really it is not that bad seeing it again.  This is a film by its very premise is rather ridiculous: a Scottish highlander travels through time to 1989 to battle an evil warlock.  The movie never takes itself too seriously and you honestly appreciate that.  The horror elements work to add that tension to drive the action along, but mostly we are having a good time following this odd couple on their adventure.  Its kind of that same blend which makes Gremlins work.

Going into the second movie I had a real bad feeling as to how it would turn out.  As I said, much of my enjoyment was with the Redferne story line and how that comedic plot line elevated this above a bland horror movie.  David Twohy returns to write part of the screenplay, however sequels usually do not do as well as the original and I had a bad feeling a lot of the charm would be lost in Armageddon.  I had no idea how right I actually would be.

Warlock: The Armageddon doesn’t mention anything that happened in the previous movie and instead almost reboots the story before people had a name for it.  Now the Warlock (Julian Sands) is not just some warlock in a world of magic looking to seek favor with Satan, but now he is The Warlock who is Satan’s son destined to do his bidding.  Every 600 years or so the Warlock is born during a lunar eclipse and he has around six days to collect six magic rune stones so he can use them to summon Satan to Earth during a solar eclipse.  Young Kenny (Chris Young) finds out from his father that is destined to be a mystical Druidic warrior with magical powers and that he is the only one that can kill The Warlock (again, despite what we learn in the previous movie).  Kenny must learn to control the Force and become a Jedi Knight in six days in order to kill the Sith Warlock blah blah blah.

Warlock: The Armageddon is one of the most boring movies I’ve seen lately.  Like I said before, I don’t just use the B word without justification and I will happily explain why.  It is because nearly half of this movie is entirely pointless and doesn’t need to be in the movie.  Okay, so the plot is Warlock has to track down these six rune stones which means travelling all across America to get them.  You may think this would prompt our protagonist into also tracking down the stones to either pursue the Warlock to kill him or to get the stones first in order to prevent the summoning.  Wrong.  Kenny and his father have one rune stone and their plan is to hold onto it, train Kenny’s powers in order to fight the Warlock, and when the Warlock comes to town to collect the stone, Kenny will fight him.  That’s fine, but the writers needed to realize that there is no point in following the Warlock on his stone quest because there is no tension, suspense, or interest in any of it.  We know that the Warlock cannot be killed or even harmed by ordinary humans.  We are all confident that he is going to show up in town like clockwork on the sixth day in order to fight Kenny.  Yet for half the movie we are following the Warlock as he kills anonymous asshole after anonymous asshole for the stones.  I don’t care!  All of the stone holders are unknown jerks so we don’t care that they are being killed and like I said before, there is no tension at all because we know nothing can stop him until he gets to our protagonist.  This movie should have just been about Kenny training his powers and occasionally cutting to the Warlock to remind the audience of the impending dread that is coming.  There is a difference between occasionally cutting to the Warlock, and spending half the movie with him.

I say that, but Kenny’s plot line is just as uninteresting as anything else in this movie.  We aren’t told the rules of this universe or what Kenny’s powers specifically are so we have no idea what Kenny has to do to train to prepare himself for the final fight.  I joked about him being a Jedi, but that is basically what he is.  We see him sitting around floating baseballs with absolutely horrible visual effects.  I don’t know how floating baseballs helps him out but that is the go to effect for the majority of this movie.  Kenny is not even an interesting character.  He is a blank slate with no personality in a town of blank slates.  Kenny has a relationship with his father who is also not interesting and their relationship is not put to the test.  There is also a romantic subplot which is also boring because they are already in love at the beginning of the film.  The thematic arc of this movie is as straight as a level.  The dialog isn’t interesting and the movie takes itself too seriously as I feared.

I know the original Warlock could have been picked apart with plot inconsistencies and holes, but you forgave it because of its sense of humor.  When you get rid of it, you are left to stew about all the bullshit of this movie.  For example, they imply that the Warlock can’t simply kill the owners to get the stones.  He has to make bargains with them to get the stones willingly.  Of course, these are all Faustian deals which means they all end badly.  Okay, that is at least somewhat interesting.  So you would expect the Warlock to try to make some deal with Kenny for the stone right?  No, he just tries to kill him.  So what the hell is it?  If you can just kill them, then why waste time and dick around with the others when you could just punch their face off and take the stone?  Why is Kenny the only one that can kill the Warlock?  In the previous movie the Warlock was powerful, but there were ways he could be hunted and two humans ended up killing him.

Warlock: The Armageddon is a dreadful sequel.  It doesn’t advance the story in any way from the original, the humor is removed leaving you with a blandly written horror/adventure film, and most of the movie is pointless as it is spinning its wheels until we get to the climax.  There characters are dull, the dialog is uninteresting, and there is nothing in the training or the characters that we find compelling enough to go along with.  I almost feel bad for admitting there were a few good effects shots and one halfway decent joke because that would imply there is SOME reason to watch this movie.  There isn’t.  There is no reason at all to recommend this movie to anyone; not even to the most die hard Warlock lover.  And the worst isn’t even over because there is another sequel to this franchise.

Wrath of the Titans (Jonathan Liebesman) 2012

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I’ve seen all of Liebsman’s films and seeing as how people are calling him the current hack de jour, I guess I should give my brief opinion on him.  Of the action hacks working today Liebsman is still bad although not as bad as some of the others working today.  Granted we are talking about different definitions of bad here.  You see with Michael Bay you have an incoherent plot and offensive/juvenile humor, with Paul “The Man“ Anderson you have even more incoherent movies along with some abusive slow mo, but with Liebsman I guess his main fault is that he is boring.  Movies like Battle LA or even today’s review Wrath of the Titans aren’t horrible movies.  The action for both of them are well staged and watchable unlike most shakey cam nightmares today and the plots are not incoherent messes.  The problem is they are both some of the most cliche, no thrills, generic, take no chances stories you will come across.  So honestly, even after saying that, I’m not sure if Liebsman is better.  At least some of the other directors you can watch their movies in a ‘so bad its good‘ way.  It is almost worse to make a movie so painfully generic you forget it as soon as you leave the theater.

Wrath of the Titans is a better movie than the first movie, but seeing as how the first set my expectations so low I could crawl over the bar set, I am damning it with faint praise.  The plot, as alluded to earlier, is painfully basic.  The father of the gods is going to break out of his prison and threatens the world.  Perseus has to go to place X to get superweapon Y to kill the latest big bad guy.  Every ten minutes or so the teduim is interrupted by Perseus fighting some mythological beast.  Really, it’s best if you don’t think too hard about the plot because of some of the potential holes.  For example all the gods are afraid of Kronos and there is a lot about gods betraying each other to gain favor with Kronos.  Yet at the end all it takes is the combined weapon of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to kill him which leaves you to wonder why they didn’t just do that in the first place?  I guess it can be handwaived by the fact Hades is a douche but come on!  Kronos is chained up and you can’t put aside your differences for two seconds to stab him in the chest with this superweapon?  The only real excuse is we wouldn’t have a movie if the characters acted rationally.

I guess part of why I didn’t dislike this film as much as the first is because I think there is more time devoted to the veteran actors.  Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes get a meater subplot where they essentially work out their differences and you get some smaller performances from Danny Huston and Bill Nighy.  They were a welcome breath of fresh air from all the stale Perseus main plot.  The Perseus scenes are still painful as the writers have no clue as to how to make him interesting.

The action scenes are slightly (very slightly) interesting.  I think this movie had a slightly bigger budget and I think the CGI was better done than the first (and no, I didn’t see this in 3D).  You have varying monsters and Perseus having to do different things to take them down so it made things a little more interesting.  Yet once again, without a reason to care about our main characters then I don’t really care about what is going on with the action.

Even though Wrath is better than Clash, it is still not a good movie.  There are small improvements but that doesn’t change the fact our main character is an unintersting lump of wood, the plot is bare bones at best and utter shit at worst, and it is all wrapped up in a million cliches.  If you are desperate for an action movie then maybe wait for it to come out on DVD to rent.  Otherwise if you didn’t like the first one there is no reason to come back for the sequel.

War Horse (Steven Spielberg) 2011

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I knew what I was going into with this movie.  I knew this was going to be a schmaltzy tear jerker the likes of which Steven Spielberg can deliver.  Which, on a little side note, I was a little surprised by how many people call me or this movie “faggy“ when I mentioned I was going to watch it.  I didn’t know watching something sentimental made people exclaim homophobic epithets but whatever.

The point is even expecting what I knew from Spielberg, I still wasn’t expecting what ultimately came from War Horse.  My conversations with people when they ask about it usually go like this:

So you see War Horse?


How was it?

–Bad.  It is super schaltzy.

Well yeah, it’s Spielberg.

–No dude.  It’s bad…REALLY bad here.

And things end with them with them having a quizzical look on their face.  So, I guess I need to elaborate a little bit more.  Yes, I am aware Spielberg is a little sentimental.  However even with movies like ET, the emotions and the feelings still came up rather organically.  Elliot and ET were both likable characters and their friendship was developed over the course of the movie.  So even when Spielberg played with your heartstrings by having ET be all sickly, it didn’t feel like outright manipulation.  With War Horse, it feels like everyone in the movie is shoving a funnel down your throat and force feeding you saccharine crap.  Nothing comes natural at all and instead, we have to be TOLD how to feel about things.

Take for example the very beginning of the movie where the family gets the horse of this movie.  Local farmers and land owners are bidding on several horses.  The lovable poor farm owner is on one end and the EEEEEEEVVVILLLL greedy land owner is on the other.  You want to know how he is evil?  Because the first time we see him, John Williams personally tied me down to my theater chair and slapped me with his baton while screaming in my ear “HE’S A BAD GUY! HE’S A BAD GUY! HE’S A BAD GUY!“  Then, instead of being practical and buying a plow horse, our protagonists father blows all his money (including rent money) on buying the horse of our movie?  Why?  Because he wants to show up his greedy landlord.  As an audience member you are thinking this is petty dickish behavior that makes the father the bad guy because he put personal feelings in the way of, you know, feeding his family.  But Spielberg and Williams slap you around some more assuring you he is just being damn adorable.  The next scene we get said landowner asking the father for the rent he is due and the father not having it.  The landowner, very rightly, calls him an idiot for giving away all his money in an attempt to show him up and says he will give the land to people who will actually pay rent.  The son and mother then beg for an extention on their loan which the landowner, charitbly, gives them.  The landowner says though that if they don’t pay the extention, he has to take their land which is met with many a “How could you!“ from the family and more orchestra stings that he is greedy and evil.

This is what I have to deal with here.  For one that the material isn’t strong enough for us to judge things on their own; that we have to be assaulted with audio/visual cues as to how we feel.  But not only that, is that there is a disconnect between what the director wants us to feel and how the audience really thinks.

Everything is just so damn over the top.  It doesn’t take that much to get us to care for an animal.  For crying out loud most movies of this genre are built solely around the premise animals are cute and plot be damned.  But it’s not enough that the boy Albert loves the horse, but he has to spend every waking hour staring at it and writing it letters and pining for it like Edward does to Bella.  It is not enough that the war horse in question is lovable by itself, it has to be Lassie levels of intelligent.  I swear the way they built this up as some super horse I thought they were going to have it talk.

You can almost tell what the writers were thinking in trying to give the horse so much personality.  The plot, isn’t really about this boy Albert and his horse.  Instead the movie follows the horse as it changes owners through the years of WWI.  It’s rather hard to have the narrative focus on something that can’t talk and only has one facial expression.  I guess if Paul Walker can do it a horse can do but you can’t really have a movie with growth or progress when it’s focused on an F’n horse.  It doesn’t feel like anything is driving the plot and merely meanders around.  I wasn’t so much wondering at this amazing horse but looking at my watch and wondering when this will end.

Now I would be lying if I said there was nothing good in this movie.  The small storyline involving a little girl and her grandfather getting the horse I really liked.  The girl was adorable enough to make you go “Awwwwwwwwwww“ and Niels Arestrup does a fantastic job.  He’s not anyone you know by name but when you see him you probably recognize him.  Here it doesn’t matter the writing is bad he sells it like his life depended on it.  There are some scenes on the battlefield which are effective and some scenes in the end that still make you water up (or just me I guess).

I still didn’t really hate this film.  Oh it’s bad, that’s for sure.  But I’m pretty much chalking this up to everyone having an off day.  I hear this movie was an attempt to salvage the source material which seems unfilmable due to the narrative being through the eyes of the horse although with Spielbergs use of animation in TinTin that makes me question even that.  But yeah, I started the holiday season with the wrong Spielberg.  This one really didn’t do it for me.

World’s Greatest Dad (Bobcat Goldthwait) 2009

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I finally got this because I was hearing such high praise for this movie its unbelievable.  This movie is about a gifted (although unsuccessful) writer who is eeking out an existence as a crappy high school teacher (who is played by Robin Williams).  He has a son who is a complete and total cockfag.  Picture Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob) who is not redeemable or likable or charming in any way shape or form.  Everyone in school hates him as this kid picks fights with everyone.  The kid dies accidentally and his father makes it appear like a suicide (to kind of protect the kid’s dignity) and writes a suicide note basically stating he was a misunderstood artist and no one knew him.  An unforeseen event happens when the note becomes public, everyone reads it, and it is so brilliant that everyone does see him as misunderstood and now love him on like Ferris Bueller levels.  Williams then gets like his 15 minutes of fame for his son.

This is a dark comedy folks.  This is very dark and I have no idea really how to relate this to you.  Comedy is so subjective it’s hard to say whether you will get into this or not.  This has the potential to either have you laughing or to get you seriously pissed off.  My recommendation to Spoony when all was said and done is to watch the first 10 minutes.  If you don’t like it by then you will f*cking hate this movie by the end.  But I found myself seriously chuckling through this whole movie.

This has the same taste at laughing at a funeral but for some reason it works here.  Robin Williams FINALLY has returned with a great role.  He perfectly plays this guy who is just shuffling through dealing with the stupidity around him with the trademark Williams one liners.  He is not over the top at all.  In fact, he is very grounded and his throw away lines are not pandering to the audience but jabs at the people he is dealing with.  The humor may be dark, but everyone is kind of a bastard so you don’t mind when they get their comeuppance in one way or another.  And while Williams may do bad things, he also makes a realization in the third act which changes him around.

I don’t want to go too much because I don’t want to spoil the movie.  But that being said, I really liked it and think it’s worth a shot.  I say rent it, and like I said before, check out say the first 10 minutes and that is the real test of if you will like the humor or not.  Or if you know you like dark humor or not.  But this was a good small movie from Goldthait and Williams and it was funny for me.

Warrior (Gavin O’Connor) 2011

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Warrior follows a family consisting of brothers Brendan (Joel Edgerton), Tommy (Tom Hardy) and father Paddy (Nick Nolte).  Brendan is a physics teacher who is upside down on his house and enters in an MMA tournament to keep his family from being out on the street.  Tommy is back from the war in Iraq and also enters the tournament (with the help of his trainer father) to send the money to the family of a soldier who died.  All three of them though, are trying to work through the damage Paddy (now a recovering alcoholic) did earlier on in their lives.

I don’t know if I am immediately going off on a tangent or jumping ahead in the review.  That being said, I don’t know if there is some standard of reviews so I suppose you’ll have to indulge me.  Before going to see this movie I discussed this with a few other people and their reactions kind of went in the same direction.  That being “Eh, I’m not too big into MMA“ or “Oh, I didn’t know you were that big into MMA“.  I have (on a similar note) heard reviewers talking about how much this movie will sell people on MMA or how accurate it is in its depiction of the sport.  I suppose I am speaking for myself when I say I don’t really go to sports movies necessarily because I love a sport, nor have I ever been sold on a sport by seeing a movie.  I can fairly confidently say there is not a sports movie that is both completely accurate in its depiction of the sport and sold me on it.  For example, Rocky is a great movie but I know it is both a poor representation of boxing and works because it is a great story and not because of the sport.  Same goes for other great sports themed movies ranging from such sports as golf, baseball, and even poker.  Now the reason the mvoies are not accurate representations of the sport is because it is impossible to take long (or what others classify as boring) sports and turn them into action packed 90 minute films without taking some dramatic license with them.  That is completely reasonable and it is not why I necessarily get bent out of shape over how the sport is because in a way it doesn’t matter.  To me, I care about the story and the characters and if you do that well I am happy.  With that very long tangent out of the way, I will go on to say Warrior for the most part succeeds in presenting a good story and compelling characters.

I think the reason most of Warrior works is because the writing and directing does enough to get effective tension and drama without crossing the line into ridiculous melodrama.  We are given very simple (but also compelling) reasons to follow our two leads.  Brendan wants to make sure his family doesn’t go homeless and Tommy wants to help out one of his comrades from Iraq by giving money to his widow.  There is family drama but its not shoved down our throats because it is a side effect of the main plot and it in itself is not driving the action.  These characters are effectively stuck together for a short time and are trying to deal with the biggest issues just to maintain some semblance of sanity.  This may be a spoiler so if you don’t want to know anything just skip ahead to the next paragraph.  The finale of this movie isn’t some schaltzy “we now love and forgive one another and live happily ever after“ type of ending.  I get more the feeling of “Well…I kind of tolerate your presence now.  We’ll start with that.“ type of reconciliation.

The movie also does enough to effectively build the underdog storyline of the movie.  Our protagonist doesn’t have an easy road as he has to go through the unbeatable Koba (our Fedor stand in for the movie) and his brother.  When we near the end the writers make the rivalry between the brothers very interesting.  Once again, the wins while improbable are not unbelievable as anyone familiar with MMA can tell you than on any given day someone can be upset in a match.  The action for the fights are very good.  As I mentioned before, there is always some element of theatricality in sports movies.  In this case there are no judges decisions and there are some decidedly pro-wrestling moves thrown in to make it look more intense.  But none of it is so over the top that it takes you out of the movie.  If I were going to judge this movie on how well it sells the sport I would have my reservations.  I don’t like the fact that for the most part they portray it as some illegal underground fight thing or the fact they really push these fights could kill people.  I understand it is for dramatic effect, but even that was too ridiculous.

The acting in the movie is very good.  I have not heard of Joel Edgerton but he is given the lead role and he does a good job.  Nick Nolte also does a good job in selling some of the weaker writing.  Tom Hardy actually does not get a lot to do but that is due to his character and the writing than on him.

Warrior is not a film that does anything new, nor is it some new benchmark standard of the genre.  I actually laughed when on a commercial some reviewer called it better than Rocky.  But while Warrior doesn’t do anything new, what it does it does very well.  The writing sets up a compelling underdog story and gives us interesting characters to root for.  The action is exciting and the actors do a good job in pulling off the material.  If I had a negative, it would be that the first half of the movie was a little sluggish for me, but things balanced out in the second half when the tournament began.  This isn’t a review that has to be qualified for people that like MMA or not.  If you like inspirational sports movies or movies about underdogs then you will like it.  While not groundbreaking, Warrior is a very good film.

What’s Up, Tiger Lily? (Woody Allen) 1966

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After watching Midnight in Paris I decided to go through Woody’s filmography from the beginning.  I want to give all of his movies another viewing and to see how he has progressed through his career.  First up on IMDb was, of course, What’s Up, Tiger Lily.  This is a film I knew absolutely nothing about.  That is strange because you can usually find something on a Woody Allen film either good, bad, or indifferent.

Tiger Lily is to be fair, not really a film “directed” by Woody.  It is actually a Japanese spy action film whose rights were bought up by Allen and the original actor’s voices are dubbed over by comedy dialog.  This is not all that uncommon nowadays.  Probably the closest example from recent memory is Kung Pow except that had some new footage spliced into an already existing product.  You also see it to some extent on improv shows and probably the best evolution of the idea is MST3K.  The guys don’t dub over the lines, but I feel it is the same spirit by mocking a schlocky movie as it is playing.

So I guess you could say Woody was being innovative for the time.  Although you might also say this movie has not aged as well as it should have since others have come since then and has done it better.  I’m not necessarily saying that is the case, but that might be my guess as to why this doesn’t really get any recognition nowadays.

Woody does a good job by picking a suitably nutty movie to riff on.  This is the kind of movie where even if there were no dubbing you would still wonder what the filmmakers were smoking when they made it.

There are a few problems with the dubbing and the film as a whole.  The biggest issue is that while Woody is riffing on the movie with these goofy lines, he still has to try to present some kind of coherent plot.  Sometimes Woody can’t riff because he has to explain some plot point or the movie is just not doing much.  Because of that, there are some stretches where nothing is really happening and it is a little dull.  This is where MST3K really shines where this movie doesn’t.  You still have the crappy movie, but you don’t have long pauses between jokes.  There are also some musical interludes by the Lovin Spoonful which serve no purpose but to lengthen the movie to feature length.  Now I’m not blaming Allen (since it was added without his permission after the fact) but it still doesn’t help the movie.

That being said, there were moments I thought were absolutely hilarious.  Of the times Woody was able to play around with the dialog he was able to deliver some really funny lines.  Overall, Tiger Lily is something of a mixed bag.  As mentioned earlier there is a flaw with this dubbing process and having long stretches of nothing happening but there were many parts that were very funny.  This was an interesting experiment by Allen which I think is good overall but I hesitate to necessarily recommend to anyone else.  The movie is only 80 minutes so if you are curious it won’t take up too much of your time.