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Dirty (2005) Chris Fisher

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Production Budget: $3 million
Domestic Gross: $274,000

Dirty follows Officer Sancho (Clifton Collins Jr.) through a day in which all he is supposed to do is go to IA over a shooting incident he was involved in. His partner Salim (Cuba Gooding Jr.) gets him involved in an illegal scheme to get close to higher ups in the department. Sancho soon finds himself in over his head with stolen drugs and several people out to kill him and his partner.

So from that description, the box cover, and everything else you get the clear impression this is a quick cash in on the success of Training Day. One of the responses from people when I mention this movie is “Cuba is playing the Denzel Training Day role!? Really?” While I certainly admit he’s not playing his usual type with this role, I was at least more hopeful about this movie. I mean, I’d rather want a Cuba who is at least trying than some of his other DTV crap like The Devil’s Tomb where he is almost sleepwalking through it. There I go with that ‘hope’ thing again.

Dirty is so incompetent and over the top I was laughing quite a bit throughout. There is no subtlety to anything in this movie. Salim is not just a bent cop, he might as well be tying women to railroad tracks and bombing orphanages while twirling a mustache. In five minutes alone he sexually assaults a woman on a public beach in broad daylight, all the while screeching the N word at anyone within earshot, then goes back to his patrol vehicle where he guzzles from a gallon size bottle of vodka. He gets into several shoot outs over stolen drugs he took from the evidence locker, then gets in his car to go to IA with a bullet wound in his leg wrapped up in duct tape.

Why does he do this? There is a vague promise of getting in good with the dirty captain and whatnot but what it boils down to is a pair of playoff tickets. Yup, playoff tickets. I was absolutely laughing my ass off when Salim, after going through hell and is going to IA, the Sergeant takes back the playoff tickets since he won’t be using them stuck in IA. It’s like, not only is this guy evil, but he is a Lumberg from Office Space type douchebag who will take back gifts. What an asshole.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is hilariously miscast in this role. He tries to do the “King Kong ain’t got shit on me” act but he just can’t pull it off. He tries by using every racial epithet and curse word and is screaming to the rafters and yet he still carries about as much menace as Meg Ryan. Now I know Cuba has cultivated a persona of an action hero. And while I normally buy him as a soldier or a hit man, I just don’t get the fear of god dread from his act. Someone like Clint Eastwood in his 80’s can still say “You every meet someone you know you just shouldn’t have fucked with *spit * That’s me.” and people would still be nervous. With Cuba I still think he should be driving an ice cream truck with Skeet Ulrich.

Obviously this movie doesn’t work on its own terms. Every character is irredeemable from the start so we don’t care what happens to them. The writing is so heavy handed and over the top and the plot gets downright confusing with unnecessary double and triple crosses. And despite my laughing at the insanity of it all, I was missing some action scenes. I mean there are some minor shoot outs but in a movie so crazy in every other department, why are they shirking on the violence and nudity? You should at least strive to be more outrageous than the movie you are trying to rip off.

I really don’t know how to adequately sum up here. Obviously for most of you out there don’t watch this. It is a terrible movie. What I am more struggling with is if bad movie aficionados should watch it either. Like I said, I was laughing pretty consistently at the terrible writing and the over the top acting. But that being said, it feels like it is missing out on the action or the gross excess that would make this a must see bad movie. Ultimately I think with all its lacking, plus the fact every character is so patently unlikable, that I can’t even recommend Dirty in that regard either. But at the very least, it is more interesting than The Devil’s Tomb.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2011) Kevin Munroe

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Production Budget: $20 million

Worldwide Gross: $4.6 million

A few of my usual housecleaning matters before I get to the review.  For one, no, I have not even heard of the Dylan Dog series prior to seeing this movie so I have no idea how faithful it is to the source.  If I had to venture a blind guess it would be; not at all.  Also, I had originally seen this movie over a month prior but other matters got in the way of my review.  Apologies in advance if my details on the movie are not as good as they would have been if written shortly after viewing.

The movie follows the titular Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) who is a private eye.  He used to be a sort of paranormal police man; someone whom everyone trusted to be impartial in conflicts between races.  Dylan retired from that work when he avenged his wife’s death at the hands of some vampires.  Now he is brought out of retirement by a young woman who needs assistance and his partner Marcus (Sam Huntington) who was recently turned into a zombie.

I honestly didn’t go into this movie looking to hate it.  I’ve had previous good luck with supernatural private eye bomb movies (can’t believe I listed that as a subgenre movie) with Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions, and small budget comedies like Tucker and Dale showed what some clever writers could dowith some studio freedom.  So who says we can’t have a campy Constantine?  Well, a campier version…bad analogy.  Let’s move on.

My main problem with Dylan Dog is that the writers don’t really know how to satirize the material.  Instead of going over the top with the noir feel, it instead feels like the writers made a really crappy noir detective story and threw in some lame humor to give the illusion of satire.  It is actually surprising how serious the writers take this crap.  I really don’t mean for this to be a pun but there is no life to anything.  Dylan is a flat, depressed character who goes through the motions of your most generic/stock/monotonous/nothing whodunnit you can think of.

Every once in a while the writers wake up out of their boredom induced coma and remember there is supposed to be comedy in this comedy movie which is when you get some mildly interesting ideas.  I got a brief chuckle when Dylan is fighitng werewolf Kurt Angle with silver brass knuckles, or when Marcus has to scrounge up body parts because his are either getting lost or obliterated.  But then the blandness comsumes us again and we are back to the main story.  Oh, you mean the vampires Dylan killed didn’t have anything to do with his wife’s death and was some nefarious plot?  I never saw that coming.  That is so interes-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sorry, fell asleep again.  The main plot eventually degenerates into the even more simple and generic bad guy needs Super Special Thingy X to make new race of blah blah to conquer the world.

There’s just nothing special about this movie.  I like Brandon Routh but he is so hamstrung by this character and the writing he does nothing with it.  All he does is brood and sulk.  The love interest feels like an afterthought, the action is lackluster and poorly lit (as well as the whole movie for that matter), and the villain is a waste of space.  The only person who is allowed any kind of  personality is Marcus as the “comic relief“ but he is more annoying than relief.

You really didn’t need a big budget to make this a fun movie.  Hell, Buffy and Angel were prime examples of how to do fun supernatural schlock.  Angel is the perfect example as it is literally about a private eye in a demon infested world who helps the helpless.  This is no Angel, this is more like Blade: The Television Series.  Blech!

I wish there were more I could say about it, but there isn’t.  You have seen the plot a million times before, the action sucks, the writing sucks, the acting is bland, and the humor is non-existant.  In every category I could recommend you something so much better and no matter how bored you may be there is always something better than watching this movie.

The Dilemma (2011) Ron Howard

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Production Budget: $70 million

Worldwide Gross: $69 million

Ronny (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Kevin James) are long time friends/business partners.  They are on the verge of selling a new product to Dodge but Nick is under serious pressure to get it done by a tight deadline.  On top of all that, Ronny finds Nick’s wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) is cheating on Nick.  Ronny is faced with the titular dilemma: do you tell Nick and potentially lose the friendship, or keep it a secret?

The problem is this “dilemma“, isn’t so much of a dilemma.  In fact it is so simple the movie has to throw so many extra hurdles to make it a dilemma that the effort involved in making it a dilemma, is almost a comedy.  Oh, you would tell your best friend?  Well, what if telling him would ruin a big business deal?  You would?  Well, what if it would kill him?  What if his wife was some evil bitch who would blackmail you?  What if aliens came down and offered a night with Megan Fox if you didn’t tell him?  Okay, that last part didn’t happen but you get the idea.  The point is this movie is trying to sell you on a drama/comedy dilemma which is supposed to be relatable to most people but ends up being ridiculous to the level of aliens coming down to make a deal.

Then we get the characters artificially inflating the movie by acting like moronic jack holes.  There are the usual Three’s Company misunderstandings in wacky comedies, but here they turn it up to 11.  And all this STILL wouldn’t be that bad if the movie didn’t go all bipolar and be a dramatic comedy.  Yeah, in the same movie where we get dick jokes and people falling out of trees, we get Vince Vaughn crying and BS sentimentality.  The tone is too jarring, and sometimes the jokes don’t even make that much sense.  Take for example when Ronny is asking around for what he should do about the dilemma.  He calls his sister and presents it as a hypothetical “friend“ story to which she interprets as her husband cheating on her.  But it doesn’t make any sense because Ronny’s sister doesn’t know or have any interaction with Nick.  Why doesn’t he just present the situation as him finding Nick’s wife cheating on him?

Then there are plot threads that really go nowhere.  There are an easy twenty minutes that could be cut involving them selling this fake motor to Dodge and a bizarre supporting role by Queen Latifa.  Yeah, I know the looming business deal is part of why Ronny is hesitant to tell Nick but we don’t need this explained over twenty minutes.  This movie is 1 hour and 51 minutes and it feels like it is well over two hours.

The main characters aren’t all that compelling either.  Vince Vaughn’s character is a hot head lying A-hole who treats his fiance as an afterthought.  And even though the core of the movie is whether to tell Nick this bad news or not, the movie glosses over the fact Nick is also cheating on his wife.  HELLO!  I mean, it doesn’t validate the things Geneva does but it makes Nick just as big a prick.

Vince Vaughn tries to be charming but even he seems tired of doing the ole Vince Vaughn shtick.  Kevin James is wasted as he is the person the other characters are tap dancing around.  Because of that James never gets a chance to have any good comedy bits.  Jennifer Connolly is Madam Not Appearing in This Film.  Queen Latifa is in a completely different movie.  Channing Tatum gets a few chuckles out of his sensitive thug role.  Winona Ryder is the only one coming out of this movie looking good though.  She gives this movie a far better performance than it deserves.

I didn’t go into this looking to slam Ron Howard.  I actually really like some of the movies he does.  I wasn’t expecting The Dilemma to break the mold or anything, but I was expecting Howard to know tone and storytelling enough to make a good comedy.  You see glimpses here and there of the comedy he wanted to make.  Of the times Vaughn and James actually have scenes to themselves, they actually do have a good chemistry.  There are also good moments from Ryder and Tatum when they play up their roles.  I think if Howard made a true screwball movie about this bromance between Vaughn and James and about how evil Ryder was trying to break them up it would have done a lot better.  Instead we introduce this bad dramatic tone which kills the work Vaughn and James are trying to do.  What you are left with is a badly written snoozefest which was dumped out in January.

I’ll offer some free advice for Ron Howard though to prevent another bomb.  Don’t spend $70 million dollars on a movie that should cost about $5 million to actually make.

Duplicity (2009) Tony Gilroy

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Production Budget: $60 million

Worldwide Gross: $78 million


Corporate spies Ray (Clive Owen) and Claire (Julia Roberts) collaborate to pull a con on both their bosses (played by Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti).


I was anticipating the follow up to new director Tony Gilroy, after the great Michael Clayton. However watching Duplicity I became more aware that Gilroy fell into the sophomore slump that catches so many directors and stars. I found myself really hating this movie at times. This movie is confusing, and intentionally so. Gilroy wants to jerk his audience around, and takes the opportunity to throw a twist every ten minutes. Because of that, you can’t really get into the plot because you know some bullsh*t is going to get chucked out which invalidates everything you have seen.


Now, I’m not saying a movie has to be simple and I can point to several movies I own which have shifty narratives. But usually the reason those work is because the ride is enjoyable. In this case, we are supposed to enjoy the coupling of Owen and Roberts and their “witty” dialog. I found these scenes the most grating and what really made me hate it. These two are supposed to be like a modern day Nick and Nora Charles or a Cary Grant and a Rosalind Russell. But really, they were more like a bickering married couple than sexy/witty leads. All I hear from these two is:


Roberts: Bitch bitch bitch

Owen: Whine whine whine

Roberts: Bitch bitch bitch

Owen: Whine whine whine


I did not care about these people at all, and that is crippling to your movie when you are supposed to be rooting for them to succeed. It also feels as if Owen is playing against type. I think it is a fair comparison to say Owen matches Cary Grant’s kind of rouge-ish charm. He is one of those people that can play the charming a**hole. Here, he is playing this kind of clutz who is always three steps behind everyone else. At no point do you feel he is the confident and suave ladies man who should be the compliment to Roberts independent and seductive counterpart. Really, Owen seems out of her league at times.


The main romance ends up being a chore to sit through, and unfortunately there isn’t much else to keep you interested. Wilkinson and Giamatti really don’t have anything to do in this movie. They each have about two scenes where they give a monologue before collecting a paycheck. And as I mentioned before, I found the mystery/intrigue storyline to be uninteresting and cheap in its reveals. At a little over two hours, my patience was running extremely thin. It is always sad to say when you can easily trim at least 20 minutes off and not lose anything.


Maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a word to describe my feelings for it. This movie was annoying. I can tell Gilroy was really trying and it seemed like there was a fun movie at the heart of it. I can also say there were brief glimpses where some of the chemistry would shine through. However those moments are too few over a long and convoluted mess of a plot. There is no need for you to seek this movie out. Skip it.


Domino (2005) Tony Scott

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Production Budget: $50 million

Worldwide Gross: $20 million

I have watched this movie several times, and have gotten a migraine every time. I really didn’t want to watch it again, but for the purposes of making a clear review I had to. I am usually very nice when it comes to reviewing a movie. Some may even say too nice, but I always want to pick the silver lining out of any cloud. Not Domino. I fucking hate Domino.

I suppose it really doesn’t help when I hate the main character. This is supposedly based on the real life story of Domino Harvey. Harvey was the daughter of a wealthy family who rejected the life of a model (allegedly, there is little proof of that claim) to be a bounty hunter. Now this movie is based on a true story much in the same way that Hostel is based on a true story. In short, the movie keeps the names and makes everything else up. It’s like Scott knew that a story about some girl who became a bounty hunter wasn’t going to be interesting enough to put asses in the seats so he had to make up some crazy story about millions being stolen, and Afgan bombers, and a heist plot involving a casino, the mob, and the FBI. Domino’s story loses a bit of the glamor when you find out no one was harmed/killed during her bounty hunting, that there were no crazy schemes, that the real Domino Harvey was arrested for distributing meth, and that she died shortly thereafter of an overdose of fentanyl.

Okay Moses, so this movie isn’t trying to be some biography but some dumb action movie. How does it do in that regard? It still sucks and I still hate the character of Domino. A character makes a comment to Domino late in the movie that he thinks she is faking the tough girl act and is just some girl with daddy issues. I get the feeling we are supposed to be smirking with Domino in rejecting that claim because by now we are suppose to know her so much better than this stranger. We are supposed to know there is some deep meaning behind what she is doing and that she is a special person. No, I agree that she is putting on a tough act and has daddy issues. Do I think the real Domino is like that? No. I think the movie sucks in showing us why to care about this Domino. It doesn’t help Keira Knightly is terrible in this movie. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Keira Knightly. I think she is a very good actress and like her in most everything. But she is TERRIBLE as Domino. She is unconvincing (understatement of the year) trying to act tough by mumbling half hearted bad ass lines and giving her ‘mean look’ (which looks like she is pouting because she didn’t get dessert with dinner). There is a scene where she supposedly uses her wits and sex appeal to get out of a dangerous situation. She is surrounded by gang members who want to kill her and she not only talks them out of it but also gets them to give up one of their crew (for a bail bond retrieval) by the offer of a lap dance. Her terrible line read of “You know you want it…” is so bad I cannot help but roll my eyes every time I see it in the movie and in the trailers. It is a reflex action at this point at seeing the perfect culmination of bad writing and lousy acting.

But I keep swerving off topic. But Moses (you say again), this movie isn’t some biography but some dumb action movie. How does it do in that regard? Well, that part of the movie is written by Richard Kelly (Southland Tales). How do you think it does? I just don’t care about this heist. It is not like it is some brilliantly constructed heist like Ocean’s Eleven. Domino’s boss tries to perpetrate some insurance scam to save his granddaughter but things get screwed up and the mob and the FBI get involved. Domino and her friends must get back the money and give it back to the mob. It seems rather straightforward but the movie takes forever to get to this main conflict and the focus continues to meander when we do get there.

I really think this movie tries to get by, not on some complex story, but on the “lovable” characters, and I hate them all. Everyone is selfish, greedy, egotistical, annoying, and immoral (with the exception of maaaaaybe Mickey Rourke’s character). The rest of the movie is padded out with bigoted and racist stereotypes. I’m looking at you Mo’Nique .

As if the characters weren’t migraine inducing on their own, we finally move onto the direction of the movie. Scott keeps the frantic editing he learned in Man on Fire and turns it up to 11 in Domino. And when I say “frantic”, I mean Michael Bay on a binge of Red Bull and speed. To say this movie was made for people with ADD is another gross understatement. This is the cause of all my headaches.

But Moses (you say again), the movie has Mickey Rourke/Christopher Walken/Tom Waits/Keira Knightly’s tits, surely the movie is worth watching for that. This is where I will give the movie some credit. Mickey Rourke is good (as usual), Christopher Walken is hilarious for the three minutes he is on screen, Tom Waits is the man in the two minutes he is on screen. And for those looking to see Keira naked, you can only see it if you pause your DVD in just the right frame and if the moon is in the right position in the sky (the editing almost makes it impossible to see). Sadly, the movie is too annoying to be saved by any of those things.

This movie is a pain to watch: the characters are annoying, the acting (for the most part) sucks, the story is uninvolving and ludicrous, and the direction will give you a monster headache. I don’t care about Domino Harvey’s life, and with what’s presented in this movie, you shouldn’t either.

Desperate Hours (1990) Michael Cimino

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Gross: $2.7 million

Before we start I’ll say I haven’t seen the original so I won’t be comparing this movie to that.

So at last I have come to the final Michael Cimino bomb. This is not the last movie he ever made (The Sunchaser) but thankfully the last I have to review. As I mentioned before, we have been all over the scale of quality from Deer Hunter (great), to Year of the Dragon (meh), to The Sunchaser (utter shit). Where does Desperate Hours fit into Cimino’s oeuvre? The painfully embarrassing category.

The movie is about psychotic convict Michael (Mickey Rourke) who is about to go to trial for murder. He escapes by seducing his lawyer and fleeing with the help of two of his gang played by David Morse and Elias Koteas. They hide out at the house of the Cornells and Michael tries to arrange for his female lawyer to meet them there so they can all run away to Mexico.

This plot is so bad it defies belief. The script tries to paint Michael as some mad genius killer and his lawyer (Kelly Lynch) is some smooth femme fatale. Michael’s brilliant plan involves kidnapping a family for SEVERAL DAYS and hoping no one notices this. This almost reaches the level of a British farce the number of people that show up and the larger this kidnapping plot goes on. First it is just the wife, then the husband (Anthony Hopkins) shows up, then the son, then the daughter, then the boyfriend of the daughter, then the water heater repairman, then the real estate agent! No I am not kidding! Then we have the brilliant lawyer who can supposedly fool everyone. That is until the cops decide to follow her until she leads them to Michael. And this is not subtle following either. They are following her in cars with lights and sirens and a plane overhead and she is still so rock stupid as to call Michael and continue to the house! You know, one of the rules about writing is don’t overuse exclamation points but holy crap this writing is so stupid it is hard not to.

The stupid moments don’t stop there. How about when the police have the house surrounded and full blockades on the streets. Now earlier on in the movie the daughter’s boyfriend called and the daughter brushed him off (so he wouldn’t end up stumbling on the house to get killed). What does the boyfriend do? He blows through a full police blockade and demands that the daughter goes out on a date. I’m sorry…WHAT!?!?!?!? What’s crazier is Michael lets the daughter go out on a date provided she doesn’t talk to the police about what’s going on. Do any of these people live in the real world?

Then we get a scene where the cops talk strategy about how to end the hostage situation. Since there is only one man with a gun in there, the 2nd in command has a straight forward approach where he has SWAT go in with flashbangs and kill the suspect quickly. The head FBI agent gives him a dressing down and almost calls for his resignation for such a morally reprehensible and dangerous plan. What is her plan? Send unarmed innocent people in to draw him out and then open fire with automatic weapons as Michael takes the family as human shields. Why that’s f*cking brilliant! Totally safer than the other guy’s plan…IDIOT!

The plot is not just embarrassing. The movie should also be entitled “How to Embarrass Veteran Actors”. You have Anthony Hopkins, Mickey Rourke, David Morse, and Elias Koteas and they give some of the worst performances of their careers. I don’t even know what to say about Anthony Hopkins. He just has such a bizarre character it is hard to describe why it is bad. He is an overbearing, manipulative, cheating husband, yet the movie wants us to be rooting for him to get back together with his wife and sides with him on all issues. There is a scene where the wife has locked up the house (so no one comes in on the kidnappers) and Hopkins stalks around the house yelling at the top of his lungs he wants to talk to her and will wait as long as it takes. This isn’t endearing; it’s criminal. This is stalker behavior. Also the less said about his American/Welsh accent the better. Speaking of bad accents, lets talk about Lindsay Crouse who plays the head FBI agent. She gives the oddest performance for this movie and that is really saying something. She has this odd British/Southern accent which fluctuates at all times. Her character is so bizarre and mannerisms so distracting if you told the audience she is an alien from Mars in disguise as a human we may buy it more than what she is doing here. I now know where Willem Dafoe got his inspiration to play in drag in Boondock Saints. Mickey Rourke is over the top as what I can only describe as Raging Bull crossed with a bit of Fonzie. David Morse is also an honorable mention as the mentally challenged gang member who is one step away from “Tell me about the rabbits George…” Yeah, the movie goes there. There is a particularly funny scene where after disposing of a body he stumbles out of camp ground brush covered in blood in front of two scantily clad women and with the straightest of faces asks them for a ride into town as if there is nothing wrong.

That leads to the biggest obstacle of the movie; the direction. I don’t think a remake is that sacrilege of an idea in the right hands. Cimino clearly has no idea what he is doing. This is a serious movie but you cannot help but laugh at it all. The cinematography and the music and everything else is telling you that you should feel sorry for this guy or sad about this but the way it is actually executed you are laughing your balls off. There is a total disconnect between what Cimino wants and what is shown on screen. This is like a Tommy Wiseau adaptation of Desperate Hours.

So yeah, if you are in need of some quick laughs and want to mock a horrendous movie then Desperate Hours may fit the bill. This is a horrendous movie which highlights the express elevator to rock bottom in the career of Michael Cimino. With each passing movie his potential and talent just go down down down. There was a time when I only had seen Deer Hunter and I pondered to myself how someone like this could never get another hit again. Well, I now know and it was a brutal lesson to learn.

Dead Presidents (1995) The Hughes Brothers

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Production Budget: $15 million

Gross: $24 million

I kind of debated back and forth between making this a bomb or not.  Still going by my definition it still fits my criteria.

The movie is about Vietnam vet Anthony Curtis (Lawrence Tate) who tries to adjust to life back in the states.  There is still discrimination and Curtis has difficulty getting over the trauma in the war.  Eventually, due to money problems, he devises a plan to rob a truck delivering old dollars set for destruction.

If there was a problem with this movie’s release it is that the trailers were dishonest in what the movie was going to be like.  All you see from the trailer are thieves in their ghost white make up shooting guns and you think this movie is a heist movie.  That part only makes up a very small part of the movie.

If I had to liken the movie to something, I would call this movie Deer Hunter Light.  We get an extended period of Anthony and his friends prior to the war, we get some scenes of atrocities, and then his inability to cope with the war.  You would think this movie would be heavy into race issues but not really.  True, Anthony does not get any jobs after the war but that seems to be attributed more to his being a Nam vet and not about his race.  There are some more remarks that African Americans still do not have rights after being in the war but again, it is not capitalized on like it should.

Everything about the movie is a pale shadow of what Deer Hunter is.  All of the high points of the character’s relationships and the lows of the war I kept thinking to myself I have seen it done better.  And I know it’s unfair to expect Godfather from every mafia movie (for example).  However for a movie that tries so hard to emulate that movie (and really try nothing new) I expect it to shine in some aspect.

Also, for a movie where its climax is this robbery, it comes up rather abruptly.  One minute Anthony is having a few difficulties with money and then BAM, he immediately comes up with this robbery plot.  It just isn’t as justified as something like this should be.

The acting is good overall.  Keith David is awesome as usual.  The surprise of this movie is Chris Tucker (yes I am actually saying this) as the fun loving friend who was exposed to Agent Orange.  The weak point is actually Lawrence Tate as the main character.  He does okay but doesn’t quite play the role of a grizzled war vet who has problems with drinking and Nam flashbacks.

This movie is not bad.   It’s actually an okay movie.  However this movie isn’t anything special either.  Dead Presidents treads over tired ground and has nothing new and has nothing to have it stand out among its peers.  I take it back; it has Keith David winning an ass kicking contest with one leg.   But other than that I can’t really recommend it to anyone to seek out and watch.