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Hello everyone!

Posted in Introduction to the Blog on January 19, 2010 by moviemoses

Hey everyone!  For those of you new here I’ll give a brief introduction to this blog.  I basically got the idea from this from the Empire forums when one of the members (if I knew his real name I would give him credit) made a thread called The Great Badhir celebrates the box office bomb.  He basically looked through all the biggest Hollywood bombs in history from Ishtar to Howard the Duck to Heaven’s Gate.  He would give a reason for why the movie bombed (whether it be bad press or horrible script or incompetent director) and review it. Badhir did some of the big ones but then he just stopped.

I really liked that idea so I made my own thread and kind of expanded on it.  I have been doing this for several years now.  Basically this blog is a rebuttal to arguments that money is the indicator of a film’s success.  Just because a movie makes money doesn’t make it good and vise versa if a movie bombs it’s not necessarily because it sucks.  Movies like Blade Runner, Touch of Evil, and Duck Soup were bombs for example.  This blog is to highlight some of the true gems of the box office bombs, while at the same time roasting of the really deserving ones.

A note about some of these reviews.  It seems like a few would make money since they are over the production costs but they still bomb.  A rule of thumb I learned is that a movie has to earn twice its production budget to break even.  Now some might consider that a “flop” or some other term, but for the purposes of this blog, anything that doesn’t earn its revenue back in theaters will be considered a bomb.

So I hope you enjoy my reviews and I also hope that it possibly inspires you to check out some of the better movies in my archives.  Thank you.