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Final Part

Posted in Best and Worst So Far on March 15, 2011 by moviemoses

I’m actually going to try to post links on the list to where if you want to see a specific review for a movie you can click on the name.  But that will take some skill and I don’t think I’m that good at computers yet to do something that nifty.



25. Rent

24. The Hunted

23. The Shadow

22. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

21. White Dog

20. Playtime

19. Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead

18. Repo: The Genetic Opera

17. The Brothers Bloom

16. Mother Night

15. The Limey

14. Peter Pan

13. Miami Vice

12. Agora

11. Team America: World Police

10. Heaven’s Gate

9. Tetro

8. Zero Effect

7. Doomsday

6. Strange Days

5. Che

4. The Fall

3. Munich

2. Zodiac

1. Sorcerer




Part Six

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72. Shade

71. Be Kind, Rewind

70. Wyatt Earp

69. Australia

68. The Last Legion

67. Striking Distance

66. Paparazzi

65. Extreme Measures

64. Pirate Radio

63. The Phantom

62. Cassandra’s Dream

61. Highlander 3

60. New York, New York

59. The Last Castle

58. Daylight

57. Broken Arrow

56. Antichrist


55. Soldier

54. Last Action Hero

53. Battle in Seattle

52. The Four Feathers

51. Lions for Lambs

50. Speed Racer

49. The Lost City

48. Supergirl

47. Funny Games

46. P2

45. Event Horizon

44. Screamers

43. The Alamo

42. K-19: The Widowmaker

41. Blindness

40. The Brave One

39. Creation

38. The Grey Zone

37. Whatever Works

36. Find Me Guilty

35. Auto Focus

34. Synechdoche, New York

33. Body of Lies

32. The Adventures of Baron Muchausen

31. Chronicles of Riddick

30. Les Miserables

29. The Great Raid

28. Return to Oz

27. Superman Returns

26. Toys




Part Five

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101. A Good Year

100. The Sicilian

99. Deception

98. 28 Days

97. 1941

96. Legionnaire

95. The Rocker

94. Nine

93. Queen of the Damned

92. Hell Ride

91. Random Hearts

90. Outlander

89. Astro Boy

88. Dead Presidents

87.Space Camp

86. Tears of the Sun

85. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

84. Rocknrolla

83. The Message

82. Year of the Dragon

81. The Singing Detective

80. Treasure Planet

79. The Majestic

78. Sabrina

77.The Thirteenth Floor

76. Krull

75. Red Planet

74. Death Sentence

73. Crash



Part Four

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129. Babylon AD

128. D Tox

127. Cleopatra

126. Shanghai Surprise

125. Popeye

124. Cirque du Freak

123. Hello Dolly!

122. Evan Almighty

121. My Blueberry Nights

120. Crossing Over

119. Amelia

118. The Avengers

117. Thunderbirds

116. Life or Something Like It

115. Revolution

114. Hudson Hawk

113. X- Files: I Want to Believe

112. Chain Reaction

111. Push

110. War Inc.

109. Miracle at St. Anna

108. The Art of War

107. Lucky You

106. Universal Soldier: The Return

105. Flyboys – (review coming later)

104. City of Ember

103. Quintet

102. Marooned



Part Three

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165. Battle for Terra

164. Swept Away

163. Two Lovers

162. Mongol

161. Transylmania

160. A Sound of Thunder

159. Black Dahlia

158. Timeline

157. Delgo

156. Dragonball: Evolution

155. Jonah Hex

154. Rollerball

153. Sphere

152. Wing Commander

151. Domino

150. The Chase

149. The Cotton Club

148. Glitter

147. Chill Factor

146. The Scarlet Letter

145. Town and Country

144. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

143. Repo Men

142. Land of the Lost

141. Meet Dave

140. Pathfinder

139. Captain Corellis Mandolin

138. Get Rich or Die Tryin

137. From Justin to Kelly

136. Windtalkers

135. Mary Reilly

134. Aeon Flux

133. Nothing but Trouble

132. Midnight Meat Train

131. Boxing Helena

130. Taking Woodstock

Part two

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Because I didn’t want to keep using the word boring over and over again, here are some of the worst offenders.

181. Psycho – One of the most unnecessary movies evah.

180. Gods and Generals

179. Nomad: The Warrior

178. The Postman

177. The Wild Party

176. The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

175. Mission to Mars

174. Ashes of Time

173. Doctor Dolittle

172. Killshot

171. The Informers

170. Duplicity

169. Avenging Angelo

168. Tristan + Isolde

167. Lake Dead

166. Desperate Hours


Part One

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191. The Sunchaser – I hate everything about this movie. I hate the characters, I hate the dialog, I hate the plot, and I hate the message of the film. This was a movie that Pearl Harbored me. I was not expecting anything from this movie and it came out of nowhere and kicked me in the balls.

190. Bonfire of the Vanities – Another one of those films that doesn’t stop pissing me off. In writing my review for the blog I wanted to just use my original thoughts on the film from like ten years ago. But when my thoughts were just inarticulate rage I figured I needed to refresh my memory. Not much has changed.

189. Leonard Part 6 – I actually think if I saw this movie again to refresh my memory, it would probably take the top spot for worst comedy. I love Bill Cosby, but it doesn’t change the fact he starred on one of the unfunniest comedies OF ALL TIME.

188. Son of the Mask – Some movies you don’t need to see to know they will suck. I know I’m always about keeping an open mind and trying these movies out in the hopes of finding some misunderstood gem. But sometimes you just know to the highest level of certainty that there is nothing a movie can do to be ANY good. Son of the Mask is one of those movies.

187. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever – A movie that is all about action is actually one of the dullest movies I have ever seen.

186. An American Carol – Still searching for the ever elusive funny Conservative. I think I have a better chance of finding the Holy Grail frankly…

185. Year One – As I say almost to the point of nausea; unfunny comedies are the worst kind of movies. I would rather have cavities filled than watch either American Carol or Year One.

184. Cutthroat Island – Uh, fuck this movie. Yeah, that’s all I got for this.

183. Myra Breckinridge – What’s odd is I’ve actually forgotten much of what was in this movie. All I do remember though is the excruciating pain of having to sit through it.

182. Paint Your Wagon – Overly long story with bad comedy and some of the worst singing ever.