All the Money in the World (Ridley Scott) 2017

Inspired by a true story (I guess, don’t ask me about accuracy), this is the story about the kidnapping of Paul Getty III, the grandson of wealthiest man alive Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer). Paul’s mother Gail (Michelle Williams) and a fixer named Fletcher Chase (Mark Whalberg) try to negotiate for the child’s release.

To start with the elephant in the room and the replacement of Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer. I can’t say how good Spacey would have been but they did a seamless job of integrating Plummer into the movie. And Plummer is fantastic in this movie. He plays a perfect miser and he relishes playing the heel in this movie. He steals any scene he is in frankly. But I also want to give credit to Michelle Williams who also does a great job. I’ve been a fan of hers for years and hopefully she gets more recognition for her acting in the future. But in this tripod of acting one of the legs is a bit short. Yeah, Mark Wahlberg is not that good. I don’t want to be too critical of the man but I think when compared to the great acting of Plummer and Williams, he simply doesn’t compare. He is supposed to be this suave guy but also a cold as ice negotiator and I just don’t get that with Wahlberg’s apologetic whisper acting. He’s not horrible, but he does hurt the movie.

The story is, overall, very tense and interesting. The tension comes from Gail who has no money and is caught between begging Paul for the ransom and begging the kidnappers for more time. Again, I have no idea how true any of it is, but for Hollywood sake it worked just fine. That being said, there were times when it felt things were cut for the sake of time; namely characterization. The most glaring example is the relationship between Gail and Fletcher. For most of the movie we see Gail is cold toward him as she thinks he is simply a lackey or a money man. But at the end she says “I think of you as family” and meanwhile I’m in the theater thinking to myself “Where did this come from?” Again, this was probably fleshed out in scenes that were cut for the sake of a shorter run time but I actually wanted to see it.

I liked this movie quite a bit. I enjoyed it mostly on the great performances given. The story is good but with a little more work could have been even better. I don’t think you need to rush to theaters to see it but definitely rent it when it comes out.


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