Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (2012) Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim

Production Budget: $1 billion…actually around $3 million

Worldwide Gross: $201,000

The movie is about the titular Tim and Eric who have made a movie under a billion dollar contract for the Shlang Corportation.  Tim and Eric have wasted the majority of the money on useless crap and the studio wants its money back.  Tim and Eric then get an offer to run a run down mall for a billion dollars.

It should be noted I have not seen the Tim and Eric show so I cannot judge as to whether this stays true to whatever formula they do.  I can only judge the movie on its own merits.

I guess I won’t draw out the suspense seeing as how I already posted a worst of the year list and this was in my top 10.  My hating this movie though isn’t really about any shock factor or that their humor is oh so edgy.  After all this is a movie that within the first five minutes has an extended shot of a penis and another scene later where several small children fill a bathtub with diarrhea while Eric is inside.  No, I’ve known long ago gross out comedies have always played a game of “Can You Top This?“ and not only was a movie like this due but we haven’t even seen the worst of it.

The reason why I don’t like it is because it is incredibly lazy.  I don’t think this is a statement of gross out humor in general since I have seen some cleverly done sex and gross out humor.  This is more a statement of Tim and Eric.  It just seems like they had no real jokes for this movie and they probably thought anything gross equals laughs.  It doesn’t.  You can’t just show a guy’s cock and expect laughs.  You need to do even a little bit more but Tim and Eric’s can’t even be bothered to do that.  So yeah, the majority of the movie is whatever gross thing you can think of for 70-ish minutes.  Cocks?  Sure.  Shit humor?  Why not.  A female fucking Tim with a dildo?  We are still at about 50 minutes so keep the ideas going.

Still don’t believe me that the movie doesn’t have any real jokes?  My plot synopsis talks about how Tim and Eric owe money to the Schlang Corporation.  That is the peak of the wit here.  You see cause they named it Schlang which sounds like…

Tim and Eric also have this running thing to where they play a joke out past the point where it should be funny to where its annoying and supposedly back to being funny by the absurdity of it.  But it never ends up funny, instead it feels exhausting.

This review is thin but that is only because this movie is thin.  This is one of those movies that barely scrapes by with 80 minutes.  It has no crafted jokes and is built entirely around people laughing at gross things lines which are repeated past simply annoying to just turning the damn TV off.  The thing is I’m not even pissed off at this movie.  It is like those times when your parents say “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed“ which is actually much worse.  It is disappointing to think this is all you need in order to get a comedy film made and how little you think of your audience if you think that will be hilarious.  This is just sad.


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