World’s Greatest Dad (Bobcat Goldthwait) 2009

I finally got this because I was hearing such high praise for this movie its unbelievable.  This movie is about a gifted (although unsuccessful) writer who is eeking out an existence as a crappy high school teacher (who is played by Robin Williams).  He has a son who is a complete and total cockfag.  Picture Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob) who is not redeemable or likable or charming in any way shape or form.  Everyone in school hates him as this kid picks fights with everyone.  The kid dies accidentally and his father makes it appear like a suicide (to kind of protect the kid’s dignity) and writes a suicide note basically stating he was a misunderstood artist and no one knew him.  An unforeseen event happens when the note becomes public, everyone reads it, and it is so brilliant that everyone does see him as misunderstood and now love him on like Ferris Bueller levels.  Williams then gets like his 15 minutes of fame for his son.

This is a dark comedy folks.  This is very dark and I have no idea really how to relate this to you.  Comedy is so subjective it’s hard to say whether you will get into this or not.  This has the potential to either have you laughing or to get you seriously pissed off.  My recommendation to Spoony when all was said and done is to watch the first 10 minutes.  If you don’t like it by then you will f*cking hate this movie by the end.  But I found myself seriously chuckling through this whole movie.

This has the same taste at laughing at a funeral but for some reason it works here.  Robin Williams FINALLY has returned with a great role.  He perfectly plays this guy who is just shuffling through dealing with the stupidity around him with the trademark Williams one liners.  He is not over the top at all.  In fact, he is very grounded and his throw away lines are not pandering to the audience but jabs at the people he is dealing with.  The humor may be dark, but everyone is kind of a bastard so you don’t mind when they get their comeuppance in one way or another.  And while Williams may do bad things, he also makes a realization in the third act which changes him around.

I don’t want to go too much because I don’t want to spoil the movie.  But that being said, I really liked it and think it’s worth a shot.  I say rent it, and like I said before, check out say the first 10 minutes and that is the real test of if you will like the humor or not.  Or if you know you like dark humor or not.  But this was a good small movie from Goldthait and Williams and it was funny for me.


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