The Green Hornet (Michel Gondry) 2011

I don’t like Seth Rogen. Let’s just get that out of the way. At the best of times he is tolerable while at the worst he is an intolerable pratt. His whole shtick is this annoying stoner man-child and while that works in small doses, after seeing him in starring roles doing the same thing over and over and over again I am done with it. So I guess in the interests of fairness I have to admit to my biases.

The Green Hornet is yet another Set Rogen comedy. Basically a Green Hornet movie is playing in the background while Rogen interjects with his man-child routine. In fact all the sections of the script could be ended with “and Seth Rogen acts like a jackass…” and that would be a fair assessment. Now whether you go in for that sort of thing is completely up to you. Comedy is a more subjective genre than anything else and I’m not saying it is bad to like Seth Rogen. It is just not my cup of tea. And to be fair his antics were a little toned down and were more tolerable in this case. I think it helped you had the character of Kato (who doesn’t really care slapping Brit down a peg or two) to balance things out. As far as these comedies go it is fine I guess. I suppose I was more disappointed that they really couldn’t do anything more with the source material.

I could see traces of a much better movie behind the surface. Once example (probably added by Gondry) is a way to explain why Kato is so badass. Essentially when his adrenaline is up he can process information faster. He can identify threats almost like a terminator and plan a battle strategy accordingly. It is something you need to see rather than having it explained but it was rather nifty. Jay Chou does a good job and the action scenes overall are very well done. This could have been a fun action adventure film but it seems they settled for the easy money. This has quick cash in written all over it. This movie was forgotten as soon as I took it out of my DVD player and I can’t recommend it.


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