Hangover Part II (Todd Phillips) 2011

It’s the first Hangover but in Bangkok. Good night.


Okay I’ll write a little more, but if you could summarize a film in a line that just about sums it up. Now I know what many might be thinking. Yeah, of course it has a similar plot about guys getting drunk and getting into shenanigans. It’s called THE HANGOVER. If the plot were radically different then it wouldn’t be called that now would it? When I say this movie is exactly the same, I mean scene for scene, plot point for plot point, exactly the same as the first freaking movie. We waited two years for the equivalent of taking the script and doing a find/replace for the word “Vegas” and “Bangkok”? What lazy assholes!

The only thing that has really changed are some of the jokes. And by change I mean add a penis to it. Either that or a monkey does something filthy. Now I will say this movie did entertain me and my drunk friends in that it wasted two hours of our lives without pissing us off. The gross out humor was interesting and amusing the first time through, but it won’t hold up for any replay value. It made us laugh at times but I doubt this movie will be remembered past next month. It is just a shame because it is rare for me to really enjoy a fresh and funny comedy nowadays and the original Hangover fit the bill. The sequel showed the creators don’t give a crap anymore and we must now endure the inevitable Hangover 3, and the direct to video 4, 5, 6, and 7 (starring Ken Jeong when all the major stars bail out).


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