A Perfect Getaway (David Twohy) 2009

Normally I would dismiss this type of movie as another Touristas or Hostel or any of that crap.  I checked it out because A. I heard some good reviews and B. it is directed by David Twohy.  I am pretty sure I have seen most (if not all) of his movies from The Arrival, to Pitch Black, and Chronicles of Riddick and I like all of those movies.  Yes, I even like Chronicles of Riddick as a guilty pleasure.  It is stupid but it is like Conan IN SPACE!!!

This movie is about a couple played by Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn going on a honeymoon in Hawaii.  They hear about a perfect beach that is a very difficult climb to get to.  They meet another couple played by Timothy Olyphant and Keile Sanchez.  They somehow get news there is a couple (man/woman) going around murdering people on the islands.  The two couples then suspect each other of possibly being the murderous couple.

The first half is basically this guessing game of who the murderers could be.  I will say the first 20-25 minutes are pretty entertaining and the dialog is very pleasant.  But this section goes on for probably another 20 minutes too long to pad the movie out to 90 minutes.  While the writing is nice, it’s not quite clever enough to entertain us for like 50 minutes guessing.

We then get a twist which you all expect coming and doesn’t really work.  Curious?

Olyphant and his girlfriend are suspected because he is this special forces gung ho army type.  We get several scenes of Zahn and Jovovich contemplating this and how much they really know about them.  The big twist is Zahn and Jovovich are the killers and they take the identities of the people they murder which is why we believe them to be on their honeymoon.  This simply does not work.  If they are the murderers it does not make sense they would secretly go off and debate about whether or not Olyphant and his partner are the killer!  Who are they trying to fool?  Themselves!?  The audience?  Do they know we are watching?  Shouldn’t they be plotting to kill the other party?  Ugh.
Yeah, the twist is bullshit.  The next 30 minutes however are pretty exciting.  It turns into a big action scene where one couple gets hunted by the other.  This was I have to say good and I think Twohy does action well.

Overall I thought this movie was alright.  The twist sucks and there is a little padding you have to muck through.  But if you can look through that, then you will be mildly entertained.  I put it slightly above average.


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