Warock (Steve Miner) 1989

A note before I begin; David Twohy wrote this story.  I just thought that was interesting.  Anyway, I had always seen the poster for this movie but no one ever spoke of it.  That is strange when you don’t hear anything, good or bad, about a movie.  The plot is about a warlock played by Julian Sands (Boxing Helena).  He is captured in the 17th Century by Redferne (Richard Grant)  The warlock is set to be executed but is somehow able to escape with a spell (taking Redferne with him as collateral damage) which somehow transports them to 1989.  The Warlock is trying to track down the three parts of what is called the Satan’s Bible which will reverse all of Creation.  Supposedly this will put him in good with Satan.

The movie tries to be a horror movie and there are some scenes which are scary.  The Warlock is very powerful and Sands does a good job with a kind of pompous arrogance.  There are several scenes where he is torturing people for the book which are quite effective.  However, this movie is sabotaged by a few things.

For one this movie is dated with a capital D.  The effects by today’s standards are laughable at worst and passable at the best of times.  The film stock is also very poor as it was not kept well preserved.

What really hurts the horror tone is that the movie is really campy at times.  There is a really odd tone switch where we have horror elements with The Warlock and then we switch to comedy with Redferne tracking him with the help of a woman of the 80’s.  We laugh at Redferne trying to cope with the modern world as he asks his companion where the well is, asking for a ride in her coach, and chastising her for wearing make up and looking like a whore.

This was the part I actually enjoyed the most.  It kind of reminded me of if you took someone playing Dungeons and Dragons character that manifested in the 80’s and how it would play out.  It is just funny for example when he boards an airplane wearing his sheepskins and all his medieval get up.  When he thinks the Warlock is on board he asks where the wench is that stowed his weapon away.  That is just hilarious.  He does that all during the movie like when he asks for salt and his companion gives him a big tub from the cabinet and he looks at it like a treasure.

I actually liked this movie.  Like I said the movie is a little strange to take because it goes from this dark horror movie to a lighthearted fish out of water story.  But for a cheesy 80’s horror movie I enjoyed it quite a bit.


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