American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (Cedric Sundstrum 1989

The American Ninja series was that odd series that like UPN would play for the weekend when they needed an action movie to fill some afternoon.  What’s odd is I saw American Ninja 5 first and I had never seen the first movie until about a year ago.  American Ninja 2 is just great.  You have genetically engineered ninjas fighting against an American Ninja.  It’s because he’s American is why he is so awesome.

The Ninja series also had an odd thing with the stars too.  In AN3 we get a new star David Bradley who plays Sean Davidson.  Then in 4 we get both Bradley and original star Michael Dudikoff teaming up.  Then in 5 we get David Bradley again, but here he plays Joe instead of Sean.  Huh???  Yeah, I’m going to need to see those movies again to see exactly what the hell they were thinking.

But anyway, let me explain the plot.  I realize this is an American Ninja movie so our expectations shouldn’t be high for a plot, but this plot sucks.  We have an evil general who is engineering a deadly disease he can sell off to terrorist groups to make a boatload of cash.  He has also hired ninjas for protection because apparently you can just rent them out like temp workers I guess.  How a Cuban general got in touch with the ninja I dunno, but let’s move on.  The general wants to test this new disease on our American Ninja because he believes he is the strongest man in the world.  What does that have to do with anything?  Well apparently the general is under the impression that physical strength means the same as the strength of your immunity and so if our American Ninja can’t karate kick off the ebola virus it should be strong enough for the general population.  I shit you not that is what he thinks.  I guess the cure for cancer is to lift more weights.  So the plan is to lure our ninja to a karate tournament, capture him, and subject him to the virus.

Well I guess the egg is on my face because the American Ninja actually cures himself of the deadly mutaba virus.  How?  Mind over matter.  Of course!  Tell that to all those stupid AIDS patients “It’s all in your heads dummies!”

The action scenes are sooooo slow.  I swear I see the ninjas punch and then hold their position so the actor can throw their counter punch/kick two seconds later.  They either drank a quart of NyQuil before fighting or they have the reaction speed of a box turtle.  I especially love when the female ninja tries to kick a ninja over the railing and the railing only breaks halfway so she has to kick him again.

This movie is kind of campy but not as much as the rest of the series.  Now I need to Netflix the rest of the series.


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