Robocop 3 (1993) Fred Dekker

Production Budget: $23 million

Gross: $10 million

Wow, I keep forgetting how bad this movie is and I am surprised every single time. This review will be a let down. I usually love to be in depth and describe what I don’t like and in this review I simply can’t.

Okay, so the plot of this movie is OCP is trying to evict several people from Old Detroit to make room for whatever evil plan they have. I dunno, it doesn’t matter. They’re eeeeeeeevil. Anyway, a group of people who live in those areas have formed a resistance force to fight OCP. Robocop and the police are first sent in to arrest the resistance, but Robocop decides to fight for them when he sees what is really going on.

Why do I hate this movie? For one, its because it doesn’t feel like Robocop is in it. For much of the movie Robocop is injured and out of action. Most of what we see is from the resistance side which is about as interesting as dry toast. None of these people are memorable or worth following, the plot is not interesting at all, and there is nothing new to wake me from my movie induced coma. Of the time we do get to see Robocop, we see the writers tread the same tired ground so much it doesn’t even count. Gee, OCP wants to take away Robocop’s humanity but events/memories change and he becomes more like Murphy. I’ve NEVER seen that before. This is not anything that adds to the Robocop character, this is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy.

So what do we get that is new? Well we go from the devastating ED 209 from the first movie, the evil Kane in the second movie, to the funny (although not in a good way) ineffectual samurai villain. Okay, we also have the death of Murphy’s best friend Lewis…which is robbed of any real significance and felt more like an afterthought to spice up a dreadful script. A lousy scene where Robocop uses a jet pack? Yeah, that’s about it.

There is nothing here for fans of the original movie. All of the satire and humor from the original are gone. Any of the memorable bad guys or good action scenes are replaced by poorly conceived crap. Even Peter Weller is replaced by a horrible replacement. All of the charm of the original is gone, and there is no reason to see this. I am not just talking about Robocop fans either. I see no reason for ANYONE to see this movie for any reason. This movie just sucks on all levels. And I’m sorry I can’t be a little more eloquent in expressing my hate for this movie, but if the writers aren’t going to give a shit then why should I?


One Response to “Robocop 3 (1993) Fred Dekker”

  1. Fred Dekker Says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but we DID give a shit.

    It may not be a great movie, but it’s a movie about how corporations ruin people’s lives through greed. Ring a bell? It has a great cast. It has great music. It has wonderful, hand-made, analog effects by the creators of THE THING and JURASSIC PARK. Sorry you didn’t like it.

    Best wishes,
    Fred Dekker — Director/Co-Writer

    (P.S. Your quoted “gross” is domestic. What about doing your homework and getting the worldwide gross?)

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