Part One


191. The Sunchaser – I hate everything about this movie. I hate the characters, I hate the dialog, I hate the plot, and I hate the message of the film. This was a movie that Pearl Harbored me. I was not expecting anything from this movie and it came out of nowhere and kicked me in the balls.

190. Bonfire of the Vanities – Another one of those films that doesn’t stop pissing me off. In writing my review for the blog I wanted to just use my original thoughts on the film from like ten years ago. But when my thoughts were just inarticulate rage I figured I needed to refresh my memory. Not much has changed.

189. Leonard Part 6 – I actually think if I saw this movie again to refresh my memory, it would probably take the top spot for worst comedy. I love Bill Cosby, but it doesn’t change the fact he starred on one of the unfunniest comedies OF ALL TIME.

188. Son of the Mask – Some movies you don’t need to see to know they will suck. I know I’m always about keeping an open mind and trying these movies out in the hopes of finding some misunderstood gem. But sometimes you just know to the highest level of certainty that there is nothing a movie can do to be ANY good. Son of the Mask is one of those movies.

187. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever – A movie that is all about action is actually one of the dullest movies I have ever seen.

186. An American Carol – Still searching for the ever elusive funny Conservative. I think I have a better chance of finding the Holy Grail frankly…

185. Year One – As I say almost to the point of nausea; unfunny comedies are the worst kind of movies. I would rather have cavities filled than watch either American Carol or Year One.

184. Cutthroat Island – Uh, fuck this movie. Yeah, that’s all I got for this.

183. Myra Breckinridge – What’s odd is I’ve actually forgotten much of what was in this movie. All I do remember though is the excruciating pain of having to sit through it.

182. Paint Your Wagon – Overly long story with bad comedy and some of the worst singing ever.



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