So bad its funny

I’m already going to break the list set up by separating all the movies that are ‘so bad its funny’ just because I don’t know where to put them.  They are technically bad movies, but I enjoy them all the same.  So to avoid confusion I am just going to list some of the best.

Virtuosity – Maybe I’m doing it a disservice by saying it is so bad since I do watch it many times. But the acting is so hammy and some really silly bits I feel it is appropriate here.

Tank girl – Yeah, it is not the Tank Girl comic book. The director knew she was making crap and went all in.

Hearts of Fire

The Conqueror – John Wayne as Genghis Kahn. Yup…still all you have to say.

On deadly ground – Classic Seagal campiness.


Highlander 2 – Yeah, this killed the franchise. Despite that I can still watch it with a bit of sick fascination.

Lifeforce – Another one of my favorites. This movie has so much crazy WTF moments that it is hard not to love it.

Firestorm – Howie Long + killing with firefighter tools = win

Judge dredd

D war – With the caveat that you should watch this with the Rifftrax commentary.

The Swarm – The worst and simultaneously funniest disaster movie by Irwin Allen so far.

Battlefield Earth – insert Scientology joke here

Cant Stop the Music – I can’t believe it but my Xanadu review got lost somewhere in the Phantom Zone. I was going to mention this with its double bill partner Xanadu. It’s as much hilarity you can get without dressing Hugo Weaving, Terrance Stamp, and Guy Pearce in drag.

Caligula – Yeah, this is a messed up film.

Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo –

Bloodrayne- It’s classic Uwe Boll.

Body of evidence – Proably the shlockiest thing Madonna has done. Other movies of hers like Swept Away were just shit.

The Nutcracker in 3D – One of my favs already. Got to love the insanity of Nazi rats with jetpacks.




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