I’m a little bit of a hypocrite when it comes to ‘best of’ or ‘worst of’ lists. I usually hate all the hub bub that gets stirred up around lists that get generated. The AFI Top 100 movies of all time for example I think shut down the internet temporarily from all the bitching generated by it. I have never heard so many people talk about Citizen Kane in all my life but after it was named the best movie EVERYBODY wanted to chime in on how overrated it was. As if the AFI (or anybody for that matter) can make some authoritarian list on what the best is or what is better than something else. But at the same time I like to read these lists. It is because with the reviewers you like or with the lists you read, the key is to follow someone who’s tastes generally match your own. If they like most of the same things you do then you may get some recommendations for things you haven’t seen yet that you might like.

When it comes to movies I have reviewed so far on this bomb blog, I would say the results are the same as a bell curve. On the two extremes you have the amazing undiscovered gems, and the worst of the worst which should have been buried forever. Those are few in number. Then you get the movies that are pretty good and pretty awful but the majority are the bland middle. When I started doing this list, I was having the worst time of it because I could not rank one generic bland piece of crap over the other one. Really, don’t take this as anything serious. I am not devoting endless hours to make sure every spot is in its right place. This is more about grading the curve in general from the crappiest to my favorites. And honestly, the forgettable bland middle is so generic that I am having a hard enough time remembering what they are about. So enjoy, and I hope you get a better picture of what films from this blog you should maybe check out or definitely skip.


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  1. Love your reviews. This is my impression: well-written generally and very funny. You need to get someone to help you create HTML links and re-organize it and add a search box so we can do a search by names. It’s a bit disorganized right now. I get the impression that you have some movie making experience, based on your use of movie jargon. At least it comes across that way. There are, of course, many more bad movies than anyone could hope to review, but this is a pretty good list. You seem to dwell on the cost of making them vs. the revenue, which is interesting. I have never considered that aspect of it before, though I read somewhere that Herzog’s movies are always under-budget and on time, which increases my respect for him. They are also super interesting (most of them). I also find it interesting to get the production backstory which you provide in some cases, and the generally fair assessment of actors and directors. It paints a really good portrait of Hollywood. I notice that you skip foreign films and quite a few obvious B genre crap movies — of which they are many — but of course no one can see them all, and most are not worth seeing. Another interesting thing is that I found myself in agreement with you on Soldier, Chronicles of Riddick, and a few other actioners that bombed financially. They were pretty good, but did not do well for some reason. Finding the gems is worth the effort, so thanks for locating the handful that you did. But most of all, I read the reviews for the hilarious descriptions of how bad the bad ones were. I laugh/cried through your description of Revolution: Pacino’s accent and the fake mole. That laught was cathartic, so thank you.

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