The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Daniel Alfredson) 2010

This series has been a roller coaster for me so far. In relating this to another movie series, Dragon Tattoo is probably the Manhunter (or Red Dragon for the remake crowd), and Girl Who Played With Fire was the Hannibal Rising for me. So where does Hornet’s Nest fit in? Sadly I can’t think of a Lecter comparison because none of those movies are as dull as a CSPAN marathon.

The plot picks up where the last one immediately left off. Lisbeth is in the hospital and is awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her father. The evil shadow group who supported Lisbeth’s father is trying to get her committed instead of a long drawn out trial because that would expose their secrets. And Mikael is trying to print a special edition of his magazine exposing those secrets in order to get Lisbeth free.

The reason this movie is so dull is because we know everything as soon as the movie begins. Unlike the last two movies there is no mystery to unravel. All of the secrets have been revealed to us. There is nothing more to learn. The movie is literally about Mikael getting his sources straight in order to print his friggin’ magazine. I’ve never seen a movie spin it’s wheels for two hours and thirty minutes in order to tell me what I already know. I take it back, I can make a Lecter parallel. It would be like making a movie that takes place after Hannibal in which Clarice is arrested for the murder of Paul and the whole movie is about finding out that it was in fact Hannibal Lector who made Paul eat his own brain.

The movie tries to inject some kind of suspense in the movie by having this shadow organization try to scare Mikael but I just don’t care. The group comes off as clown shoes when for the longest time the best they can come up with are spam emails. Congratulations, you have graduated to 4chan levels of annoyance. What’s next; flaming bags of dog poop on Mikael’s door step? Near the end we do get an attempt on Mikael but it is too little too late.

The second major flaw in this movie is that Lisbeth has absolutely nothing to do. The appeal of this series is seeing this unique character interact with the world. Here she is shut away while bland side characters bicker endlessly about what they are going to do. So the one character I actually want to see is made to essentially sit in the corner and have a time out. And just to hammer this point home, this movie is two hours and thirty minutes long. As much as I hated Girl Who Played With Fire for being completely ludicrous, at least stuff happened. It was moronic, but at least it didn’t evoke the memory of waiting at jury duty.

As much as people are weary of remakes, I think the series has nowhere to go but up by having David Fincher make an American version. The last two sequels had the problem of directors with no vision or imagination adapting books which are as dull as white gravy. To anyone that is interested in seeing this series, see the first movie then run far far away from the other two sequels.



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