Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Peter Sollett) 2008

Nick (Michael Cera) and Norah (Kat Dennings) pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend one night to show their exes they have moved on. During this night they try to find some rare indie playing in an unknown location. In the middle of endless shenanigans they find they really like one another.


I didn’t mean to really watch this. I for some reason thought this was a bomb so it was queued up on my Netflix. And like an idiot I now checked and it isn’t a bomb. This movie felt a lot like an homage to Adventures in Babysitting crossed with an attempt at trying John Hughes. It may try to be like that, but the quality is not quite up to par.


Now I am not the biggest fan of Michael Cera. He is fine in certain roles, but his schtick can get tiring fast. Now whether you will like this movie is really tied to how much Michael Cera you can stand seeing as how he is in most of the running time. This is a role where he is at his most Michael Cera-est. Now, I get that Nick’s conflict is about him getting over a girlfriend. But there is a difference between being hung up over a girl, and being a complete pansy. He whines at the drop of a hat and mumbles all of his lines.


There isn’t much else to this movie besides the likability of the actors. The plot is just barely enough to push it over the 80 minute mark. You can see the predictable plot conflict that will separate our title characters. Well, this movie has so little to do it’s like they have to do it twice. Most of the movie is about Nick and Norah going from one goofy situation to another in search of this McGuffin.


I’m kind of struggling to come up with stuff to say but really, this is it. This isn’t a movie about a complex story or difficult themes. Here we have a movie with two likable characters falling in love. I can’t really rage against this movie. I thought it was kind of meh but I can understand if people like it. You can tell that the director is really trying hard to make a charming movie. Sadly nothing really pushed this over the top for me. The dialog is by no means smart, the jokes are telegraphed, and the supporting characters are stock. This is by no means a bad movie, but there isn’t enough for me to recommend it.



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