Salt (Philip Noyce) 2010

I had very low expectations for this movie. Many times Angelina Jolie vehicles suck and when it is an action role doubly so (I’m looking at you Tomb Raider movies). So this Jason Bourne type rip off movie didn’t look like it would be any good. Salt is about CIA agent Evelyn Salt (Jolie). A Russian defector comes to the CIA office to give up information. He names Salt as a double agent who is planning on killing the Russian president. Now Salt has to go on the run to find out what is going on.

The plot is ludicrous. The main plan is silly and doesn’t make much sense. In fact, get used to seeing double, triple, and quadruple double crosses. Whenever the writing seems at a loss to pad out the running time or keeping things interesting just to throw out another twist.

Not that the plot really matters. After all, many people liked Alias and not necessarily because of the plot. It was a way to see Jennifer Garner kick ass in sexy outfits. To the movie’s credit, it does have a lot of decent action to it. The physics of the movie match the reality of the plot so expect to see some physics defying stuff. But if you just come into this movie to see action, then it does have plenty of it spaced out through the running time. It is all shot well and is somewhat interesting.

The acting (and by acting, the only person given the chance to act is Jolie) is alright. She does a good job trying to give Salt an actual character while at the same time handling the physical demands of the role. As I mentioned before there isn’t anyone else to really follow though. I really like Chiwetel Ejiofor as an actor but he is delegated to spouting out one liners about “We have to find Salt.” and “Find her!” and “Go1 Go! Go!”

I know I’m not going too much into detail on this movie, but then again there isn’t much to this movie. This is a dumb pointless action movie created to earn a quick buck in the summer. The action is barely good enough to be kept awake during the running time and mildly entertained. However there is absolutely nothing which stands out or is memorable in any way. I can’t say I had a bad time watching it, but there is no reason for me to recommend it either.


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