Inception (Christopher Nolan) 2010 NO SPOILERS

Okay, this will actually be very difficult to do this without any spoilers but I will give it a shot. First I will give a very brief synopsis of the film. Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a new kind of thief who can enter the mind through dreams and steal memories. In order to be with his kids he accepts the trademark ‘one last job’ to accomplish that. The job involves not the theft of an idea but “inception”; the implanting of an idea into someone’s head without them knowing it. This is thought to be an impossible task but Cobb agrees to it.

I found this to be an excellent film from top to bottom. Nolan is shaping up to be a complete package when it comes to being a director. Here is a guy who can craft complex and intriguing story lines, handle actors well to get good performances out of them, make impressive visual effects, and wrap it all together into a movie satisfying for the general audience and even a snob like me.

Let’s talk about the technical aspects first. The visuals are beautiful and the whole movie is imaginative. I still don’t know how they did some of the hallway scene. And while the movie tries to have grounding in reality, they can still play around with visual paradoxes and strange city scapes. The music is a great compliment to the action in the movie.

The story is where I can see the movie losing people. Some people will be confused, some people hate twists, and some hate getting “jerked around” by an unreliable narrative structure. While there is a lot going on, at no time did I feel lost. You just have to pay attention the whole way since you are keeping track of multiple plot threads. There is a surprising amount of depth to this movie. There is not only a satisfying thriller at the base level but plenty of hidden messages and themes to digest later on. This is going to be a movie I am going to watch numerous times and get many different things.

This is not a perfect film (I’m not sure there is such a thing). I do have some minor quibbles. For example the climax does drag a tad due to the number of plot threads we are following. It gets a bit bogged down trying to keep track of all the characters and all the action. Without thinking too hard on everything I’ve seen, I can pretty confidently say this is my favorite of the year so far. While this film may not be for everyone I think it is worth a shot if just for the spectacle. This is an impressive movie.


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