Rampage (Uwe Boll) 2009 SPOILERS

Reading IMDb reviews make me lose faith in humanity. It is there you will find 10/10 star reviews for Rampage along with comparisons to Falling Down, Taxi Driver, and Elephant. I have a comparison to make also. Those movies have actual talent behind them while Rampage has none whatsoever and is a steaming pile of shit.

Rampage is about a 23 year old loser who won’t move out of his parents house. Secretly he builds up a suit of armor and a weapons stockpile and one day goes on a killing rampage. And that’s it. The rest of the movie is him killing people.

What really cracks my peppercorn are the reviewers that are attributing “brilliant social satire” to Boll. I hear he is mocking everything from GTA to violence in movies to the state of politics today. That is why there are so many comparisons to Falling Down. Falling Down though actually made you see the main character’s moral outrage at American society. Rampage has none of that and the only message people are drawing from it are the ones we make out of whole cloth to try to give Boll some credit for making something other than Alone in the Dark. I say this because the killer’s motives are not out of any outrage at society or through any ideological beliefs. Sure, he sometimes spouts lines about how the banks stole from the American people and how we are becoming overpopulated, but that has nothing to do with what he does. By the end, we are plainly told he did this because he wanted money and he is a sociopath. That’s right, this whole rampage is done so he can rob a bank to move out of his parents house. His mad ramblings are a red herring, and he only murders because he has no innate sense of morality. Congratulations, you destroyed whatever social message you had for an exploitation bank robbery flick.

Many people bump up their star ratings because this is the best a Boll film (technically speaking) he has done and I can somewhat agree with that. There are no more gaffs behind the camera or questionable shots or shoddy editing. The movie is competently done and with the digital camera it adds a gritty realism to the events happening. That doesn’t mean though that the story (what little there is) makes any sense. This small town seems to be unaware that there is a man in body armor walking down the street mowing people down despite a bomb going off (that destroyed a city block) and people being murdered in the streets with a man with dual uzis. Nope, they just go on about their day like normal until the murderer goes in a shoots them all. Well until he goes into a bingo hall that is. In a very questionable scene, the killer walks into a bingo hall in full gear and guns and no one reacts to him. He eats a sandwich, drinks his soda, calls out a few bingo numbers, and then leaves. In a movie like Postal that might have actually worked as a darkly humorous joke, but here it is the movie equivalent of a record scratch. For 95% of the movie, the murders are played out seriously like grim horror; as if we are watching a real life massacre. And then for no reason we get a tonal shift that would give anyone whiplash.

Other story things bug me too. For example the cops have no clue what is going on. I know the killer bombs the police station but radio dispatch is a completely different entity from the police and would be coordinating efforts. Not to mention the fact the police only have pistols to shoot at the heavily armored bad guy (with no effect) when all agencies carry rifles after the LAPD 44 minute shootout. Also the movie would have you think the killer outsmarted anyone, but his plan would fall through under even basic questioning.

It is quite clear to me Boll is not going for any kind of message or statement but has shown himself to be an unashamed attention whore. With movies like Seed, Tunnel Rats, and now Rampage, he will clearly show anything and everything if it will get him some kind of attention or notoriety. He has shown time and time again he has no skills at telling a story or entertaining people in any way. Like I mentioned with Seed, just because you show something disturbing doesn’t mean you are necessarily scary. Once again, Boll seems to confuse controversy with an actual coherent statement on society. If there is one comfort, its that his films really don’t see the light of day anymore: Tunnel Rats (limped onto DVD release), Far Cry (no American release), Stoic (seemingly unavailable at most places other than Netflix), and Rampage (a smaller Blockbuster release than most Asylum pics). Eventually the attention whores run out of material and crawl back into their holes never to be seen again. I personally hope its sooner rather than later.


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  1. I was hoping that Boll had got the rights to the video game and made a Kaiju picture…

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