Pineapple Express (David Gordon Green) 2008

I’m not going to beat about the bush: this movie sucks.  I was shocked to hear some rather glowing reviews from people I respect saying this wasn’t an average stoner movie.  That this movie turns into a kind of chase movie/comedy with stoner elements thrown in.  No, this is pure stoner movie and a bad one at that.  There are some stoner movies I like, like Harold and Kumar.  But Harold and Kumar wasn’t strictly that kind of a movie.  It had other kinds of humor in it.  But I have never gotten high and so I obviously can’t get into all the in jokes.  It seems to me that you just have everyone say “Man” and “dude” a bunch of times and have the characters act like childish, mildly retarded assholes.  There, I just made my hit stoner comedy.  I just don’t get the recent trend in comedies to fill them with childish assholes.  Adam Sandler produced comedies thrive on those a**holes (see the Foot Fist Way).  Speaking of Foot Fist Way, I really don’t want to see any more of Danny McBride.  I will also admit my hatred of Seth Rogen right here.  Hey Seth, can you do ANY variations on your character?  This movie is just annoying.  It goes on for about two hours of annoying characters, bits/sketches that go nowhere, stoner humor you have seen a million times before, and migraine inducing explosions and gun fights.  I have heard many say David Gordon Green sold out with this movie.  You know what, I don’t care about that.  I found he was overrated with his indie productions, but this movie I have an objection with just because of how pointless and stupid this movie is.  Cripes, I hated this movie.

James Franco was good though.


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