Jimmy Carter Man From Plains (Johnathan Demme) 2007

Yeah, Demme.  Who knew?  Anyway this movie is not really a bio of the former President or anything like that.  We follow Carter on a period of his book tour in 2006 for his latest book Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid.  Carter comes under an extreme amount of heat mainly for the use of the word “Apartheid”.  That is seen as too charged a word and suddenly Carter, a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his peacekeeping work with the Israelis and the Palestinians is being called an anti-Semite.  This at first glance seems like a too shallow view of Jimmy Carter.  Even I inferred with the opening sentences that I would have liked a little bio with my story.  However, that would be missing the surprising amount of depth in this movie.  This man works harder and does more humanitarian efforts now at the age of 83 than he probably did earlier in his life.  The man also has limitless patience.  During the book tour he is called everything from a liar, to a coward, to an anti-Semite and he still debates them with his pleasant Southern demeanor.  It says something of our media that gets caught up in uneducated hype of people that haven’t actually read the book.  This is a favorable viewing of the former President but there are attempts at bringing his opposition on screen.  One of the members of the Carter administration resigns as a result of the book, but refuses to give his views on screen.  The same is said for protesting rabbi elders.  The only person who agrees and gets a good amount of time for his views is Alan Dershowitz, who was probably his most vocal opponent during the tour.  This is not something you have to go out and rent.  If you weren’t all that interested in the man, I can’t really say this is going to change your opinion.  Still this was a pleasant little doc about the 39th President.


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