Inglourious Basterds (Quentin Tarantino) 2009 NO SPOILERS!!!

Yeah, I’ll try to be as non-spoilerish as possible.   I have said for the past 12  or so years this movie has been in development (off and on) I would believe there is an Ingourious Basterds movie when I see it (much like Boondock Saints 2).  Well I finally got to see it and it was great.  One comparison I heard that I kind of like is a spaghetti western crossed with a WWII movie.  At times it did have that Once Upon a Time feel to it.  I also agree that the trailer is very misleading when it kind of promises a Dirty Dozen type movie and its a more ensemble piece.  We do get a much smaller role from the Basterds than you would expect.  The Basterds storyline is intermingled with a story of a Jewish woman trying to get revenge at a film premiere.

What I loved so much about this movie was the really tight writing and the scenes had so much tension in them.  There are scenes where characters are being interrogated and it is so intense and events keep piling on which culminate in something massive.  Those were very gripping scenes and it was a joy seeing that back and forth interplay.  The acting all around is great.  Even Brad Pitt who from the trailer looked a little out of place hamming it up more than anyone else.  His character is hilarious and while he is over the top, so is everyone else.  And that’s not a bad thing.  Even though the movie is this out there fantasy it never goes too far to take you out of the experience.

Well, there are a few things which went a little too far.  I would say they were times when Tarantino got  a tad overzealous in his style.  One of the characters is introduced and we get this 20 foot tall pop up of his name in the same style you would see Superfly or Dolomite introduced along with Sam Jackson giving a monologue on what a bad mothafucka he is.  I gotta admit that shift in style really made me scratch my head.   I mean, when did the Basterds turn into Shaft?  And for absolutely no reason we get Mike Myers doing a scene as a British army officer.  He is not really there for laughs and I think serves more as a distraction than relevant to the plot.  And I guess I will also agree with Spoony that we didn’t necessarily need so many interrogation scenes.  However I didn’t really have a problem with it.

So yeah, I think this is up there as one of Tarantino’s best works.  All of the warnings given before are true: you do have to go in with the mindset this is not so much a movie about the Basterds, and be prepared for a lot of foreign dialog.  But this was an intense, action packed, and funny movie and worth the price of admission.


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