Food Inc. (Robert Kenner) 2009

Now to kind of settle some fears by some people this is not primarily a gross out pic.  This is not a series of animal slaughter footage meant to make you vomit.  This is not a vegan propaganda pic meant to make you feel bad about the animals you kill to make your burger and turn you to tofu.  Its a look at the food industry as being controlled by about four big corporations and how it doesn’t exactly make for quality food.

Now there are some shocking scenes from farms and slaughterhouses, but that is to contrast how far we have come from family owned farms.  It doesn’t do well for quality when your cow is living ankle deep in sh*t and breeding e coli from all the corn its forced down its throat.  It doesn’t help when rain runoff from those sh*t factories spread out and contaminate vegetable crops like Spinach with e coli.

Our new diets are also unhealthy for us as sugar and fatty items are now the cheapest items to buy while fruits and vegetables are more expensive.  While it is not the only factor to higher rates of obesity and diabetes, it does play a contributing factor.  Not to mention this new style of farming is even sh*ttier to its workers who now work harder for even more debt.  The major corporations have all but killed small farms and that would be something if these new factories shared some of the profit but they are seemingly more exploited now than in a long long time.

The movie is primarily talking heads but they have some good speakers like Eric Schlosser of Fast Food Nation and Michael Poller who give a background on the industrialization of the food industry.   Food Inc. is also not a complete downer as it does provide a few areas where people can improve their conditions.  This is one of the few documentaries that I think is worth the price of admission in theaters.  This may seem like shallow praise, but this will probably be the best documentary of the year.    I highly recommend this movie.


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