Watchmen (Zach Snyder) 2009 NO SPOILERS

I’m not going into a synopsis because its the freaking Watchmen and if you haven’t read the book or seen the billion trailers for it then what are you doing on a nerd forum like this. I have not read Watchmen in a few years. I am a fan, but I would not proclaim it the crowning achievement in comic history. Since it has been so long I honestly can’t point out all the departures from the comic book the movie makes. I know there is no blasphemous departures from the main plot line. I’ll cut through all the BS and say Watchmen was a great movie. I think if you liked Watchmen then you will definately like this movie (minor quibbles over what should have been cut and left in will come later). Jackie Haley (who I only remember in Little Children) is absolutely fantastic as Rorschach. It is the most important character in the book and he is the MVP of the movie. There are some problems with the movie. Sometimes the use of CGI especially for the blood effects is more distracting than entertaining, the actor playing Nixon was atrocious looking with his makeup, and I personally think I would like to see Rorschach in a normal cloth mask than the ever shifting CGI creation envisioned by Snyder. The other thing which actually really annoyed me was the music. Someone needed to shoot the music supervisor. It is just so intrusive and bashes you over the head with “subtext”. They blare 99 Red Balloons during one point. Get it! Not only is it the 80’s, but there is the threat of nuclear war! That’s what the song is about! In another scene they play Ride of the Valkyries during a Vietnam war scene. Get it! In Apocalypse Now they played that song while they attacked a village. WE ARE REFERENCING APOCALYPSE NOW!!! *beating you in the face* GET IT!!! There is another scene where they play All Along the Watchtower and I could go on but again it is just sooooo intrusive and groan inducing it knocks the movie down a point. I also think some characters get a little more screen time then they deserve or got in the comic. Watchmen is a great movie. How it will play among non-comic fans I have no idea. I think there will be a large group expecting Batman and coming out loathing it. But I recommend it. Is it the greatest comic movie of all time? No. Will there even be Watchmen comic fans that hate this movie? Of course. But I think Snyder did a commendable job in an extremely faithful adaptation of an untraslatable book.


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