Unhinged (Don Gronquist) 1982

Unhinged is a video nasty about three teenagers that take a road trip to a music concert. They wreck their car, are rescued, and brought to a remote mansion in the mountains. The mansion is headed by two females, one of which has a seething hatred of men. There are also strange happenings in the house which leads the women to believe they are not alone. The women are soon picked off one by one.

The movie has some nice kills and the ending is somewhat original and entertaining. That being said, everything else about this movie blows. It is another movie that has nice ideas, but has to pad it out with about 70 minutes of sh*t to get to those parts. The acting is really the worst part as out main protagonist has a dead expression and gives flat line reads to everything no matter how shocked the character is supposed to be. There are endless shots of padding of the girls driving and wandering around that serve no purpose other than to get the run time up. No to mention the numerous plot holes all over this movie.

The one kind of saving grace of the DVD is it has a comedy commentary track by random horror writers and reviewers (none have any affiliation with Unhinged). The commentary track is actually pretty funny at times. Sometimes their jokes are lame and they don’t go anywhere (like the guys threatening to call the filmmaker and give him sh*t for directing Unhinged) but for the most part it actually made the movie entertaining. I’m still not recommending this movie, but the commentary salvaged it from being a complete piece of sh*t.


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