Role Models (David Wain) 2008

Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Sean William Scott) are buddies who get into some trouble with the law.  Thank Christ their punishment is NOT to coach the Mighty Ducks.  No, instead they have to do community service in the form of a Big Brother program.  Wheeler gets a foul mouthed breast obsessed kid, and Danny gets a teenage nerd who is into dressing up like a LARPer and going real life World of Warcraft.

Role Models is a funny movie.  As one of my friends said, “Paul Rudd plays a great dick.”  Rudd has a knack of saying dickish things but not making the audience hate his character.  And Sean William Scott is Sean William Scott but he’s not annoying in this movie so I guess its cool.  The movie has a good crude sense of humor and Scott and Rudd play well off each other.  People can say the story’s theme is heart warming, but thanks to Judd Aptow the theme of childish men learning to be responsible adults is becoming so groan inducing.  People like Aptow seem to equate a childish sense of humor with slacker and bum behavior.  I’m 26 and I have a respectable job, but I still chuckle every time I hear the word “poop”.  Poop, heh.

And another issue I have is the movie spends a lot of time (about half the movie) mocking LARPers.  Granted, you don’t really need to dig deep in order to find jokes against that group but it seemed like they spent an unusually long time ripping them apart.  It also seems like Danny’s kid was made into an over the top caricature of a dorky Tolkien reading, dice rolling, pocket protector wearing nerdlinger that it was almost in insultingly bad taste.  He’s not a kid, he is what ignorant people think these nerds are.  Now I say that, but then again I haven’t read the many FF and Dragonball gay fanfics that litter the internet and I try to mentally block LARPing out of my consciousness.  But still, give this kid a little more character than that.

All in all its a fun movie.  It is a little stale plot wise but what really matters is the humor and it is funny.  Worth a rental.


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