I’ve Loved You So Long (Philippe Claudel) 2008

The plot follows Juliette (Kristen Scott Thomas) as she is released from prison after 15 years for murdering her son.  The facts of why the murder is committed is shrouded in mystery.  Juliette comes to live with her sister Lea who has had a family of her own in the time Juliette has been in prison.  We follow Juliette as she tries to become accustomed to her life by trying to get a job and have a new relationship while at the same time dealing with her guilt and the reactions of the public around her.

Kristen Scott Thomas is one of the best actresses out there and she doesn’t get too much exposure (unless you were one of the few boyfriends dragged kicking and screaming to see The English Patient).  I think nearly every scene has Thomas in it and she gives the usual wonderful performance.  In fact, there is not much more to it than that.  This is really just a movie in which you admire the acting performance (like last year’s Venus).  There is nothing else in the story or themes which elevate it to a truly memorable movie.  Also I find the ending to be a bit of a cop out.  In the ending we find out the reason Juliette killed her son.  Not only is it prone to a few holes, it really lets Juliette off the hook and doesn’t carry the emotional impact if we never found out.  And that’s about it, I am not sure what else to say.  I’ve Loved You So Long is a movie with a brilliant performance and an emotionally charged story but it seems the performance is the only reason to really check it out.


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