Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (Doo-Yong Lee) 1976

There’s general insensitivity involved with Bruce-sploitation, and then there’s naming your movie Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave. And when your movie begins with Bruce Lee/Bruce Lea jumping out of the grave of Bruce Lee, you are expecting the ultimate in bad taste. What is really a pisser though is that this movie has absolutely NOTHING to do with Bruce Lee. The movie is about Wong Han (Bruce Lea) who comes to America to meet with his former master. Han finds out his master died under “mysterious circumstances” and must hunt down a variety of characters including an Issac Hayes looking guy and a cowboy to get revenge.

As I said, this movie has nothing to do with Bruce Lee. Lea does not play Lee, no one does not think he looks like Lee, he does not really fight like Lee, no one ever mentions Bruce Lee (or said death of Bruce Lee), and our main character does not even come close to dying thereby salvaging some of the title of him “fighting back from the grave”. This is just a simple chop socky movie about a student getting revenge for a master’s death. The title was just thrown in to entice people into watching it. Really, ANY movie could have this title. You could rename W. or The Thin Red Line as Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave and it would be more fitting. I guess you could call the title genius exploitation as, well, it did get me to watch it. If you had named it Bruce Lea Fights a Cowboy I probably wouldn’t have seen it.

But enough about the title. Is the movie any good? Hell no! There are a few things to enjoy about the movie; the fight scenes are alright (although they are not Bruce Lee type fights), and the dubbing is so godawful that it is actually hilarious. The bad is just about everything else. The movie is 80 minutes and do they have to pad this movie in order to even get it that long. There is normal padding, and then there is the movie equivalent of those little packing peanuts you put in boxes. There is a scene that literally goes over five minutes where Lea looks at a parade going by. Lea’s character learns nothing from it, he does not run into anyone as a result from it, and it has nothing to do with anything. The rest of the movie is padded with a terrible romance subplot with a random woman he saves.

This movie is kind of funny to watch in a mocking way, but even then there are more entertaining Bruce-sploitation movies out there. Give me the Clones of Bruce Lee for that.


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