The Times of Harvey Milk (Rob Epstein) 1984

One of the gripes being raised upon the release of Milk was that the topic was seemingly already covered with the Academy Award winning documentary in 1984 The Times of Harvey Milk.  I actually think the two movies are rather complimentary.  Seeing both movies I can say that both movies go in different directions of storytelling but both are very enjoyable and don’t step on each others toes.  Times is enjoyable in we get a lot of info about the man himself and the picture of the time without being completely dry talking heads.  Many of the main players and friends of Harvey come out to give their story.  I kind of feel like double dipping with this review since I already did Milk so this will be very short.  For those of you obviously wanting a more information approach to Harvey Milk, this is both informative and entertaining (it is worth the Oscar).  Milk is also very enjoyable in its own themes and message.


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