Teenage Zombies (Jerry Warren) 1959

I saw this movie for one because I am a masochist, and two because I keep hearing it mentioned among the worst movies ever made.  Jerry Warren is probably most well known work is from Wild Wild World of Batwoman done by MST3K.  And if people are saying THIS is worse than Batwoman, then we are talking some epic shit right here.

The movie is about a group of teens that go on a water skiing trip.  While on said trip then decide to explore a mysterious island where they get captured by an evil scientist who wants to turn them into zombies.  Meanwhile, friends of the original group go to try to find out why they haven’t returned from their trip.

I guess the biggest problem this movie has is that it is dull.  Nothing happens in this movie.  Characters roam around the island, they get captured, evil scientist explains her plot, other people go looking, more walking, some escape, more walking, more walking more walking more walking.  Jerry Warren must have taken lessons from Roger Corman on padding movies with excessive walking.  The “zombies” in this movie are not really the normal walking dead zombies you think of.  Instead it is just a gas used to make the victims into mindless slaves.

Even with Batwoman and other Warren movies you expect a certain level of camp.  And while you have some funny touches like a guy in a bear suit (always a bad movie staple) and some goofy lines, there isn’t really enough to make the viewing worth it.  There truly isn’t anything here really riffable.

Is this one of the worst movies ever made?  I don’t think so.  There are movies that are far more agonizing than this.  This movie only clocks in at 70 minutes.  Hell, this probably isn’t even the worst Jerry Warren movie ever made.  So even if you are a bad movie aficionado, I don’t think this movie is worth it.


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