The Sender (Roger Christian) 1982

When the best review snippet a DVD cover can boast is “Three Stars” from Leonard Maltin you have serious problems.  Sh*t, you can’t find one reviewer with something fairly positive to say you can only boast that ONE reviewer gave it a slightly better than average review.  Wow.

The reason this movie piqued my interest was I heard Quentin Tarantino thought this was the best horror movie from 1982.  He even puts this movie over The Thing, which was released the same year.  Of course you must take Tarantino’s recommendations for movies with a grain of salt.  After all, I have seen all of his Quentin Tarantino Presents… line of DVD’s and they aren’t exactly must sees.

But enough of my rambling.  The Sender is about a young man who is committed to a mental hospital after attempting suicide.  The staff and John Doe’s doctor begin to experience terrifying visions.  Doe has psychic powers during manifest when he dreams.

Its strange that I actually agree with the lone DVD cover blurb but this is a slightly better than average movie.  The Sender has a nice atmosphere and a story with some new twists to it.  The problem comes when there isn’t really any fear that the characters will get hurt.  We learn fairly quickly that while Doe sends out these nightmarish visions, they don’t necessarily hurt people.  They are just manifestations of a damaged psyche.  So while we are curious as to what happened to Doe and concerned for his well being, we aren’t necessarily terrified of our protagonist the doctor and being potentially killed.  The Sender has creepy moments and the story is good, but I don’t know.  There isn’t enough to make it really scary.  So I guess my recommendation will be about the same as ole Leonard Maltin.  Gah, me agreeing with Maltin!  That just made my skin crawl worse than this movie ever did.


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