Terminator 2/Shocking Dark (Bruno Mattei) 1990

Yes before the real Terminator 2, there was an exploitation film by Mattei (using the name Vincent Dawn) called Terminator 2.  But what is really bizarre, is the movie does not rip off Terminator so much as Aliens.  This is not me saying rip off like, Mattei uses elements similar to Aliens.  No, Mattei flat out steals scenes and even full lines of dialog.

In T2, Venice is contaminated by pollution or…something.  An evil corporation takes over the cleanup process and the workers disappear.  A squad of soldiers (called the Super Squad I believe) along with a female consultant are sent in to investigate.  The first thing I have to bring up is Venice.  Venice?  Really?  Venice is not the first location that comes to mind with either a killer cyborg from the future or killer aliens from space.  Its all just an excuse to film in tunnels and claim it to be futuristic sets.

As I said, Mattei doesn’t even try to conceal the fact he is stealing from Aliens.  There is a Ripley, Hudson, Vasquez, Bishop, and a Newt (although they all have Italian names in this movie).  They steal the scene where the marines barricade themselves and they see the aliens on a motion sensor, the scene where Ripley and Newt are locked in a room with a face hugger, they steal the scene where Newt gets captured by aliens, I could go on an on but that would be putting more effort into this than Mattei did.

But where does the Terminator get into this?  Well the Bishop in this movie more takes the role of Burke in the Cameron Aliens.  This Bishop is protecting the company interests and tries to kill Ripley.  Oh and our “Terminator” only appears after about four fifths of the movie.  It is funny to see Mattei add his classic touches to the story.  Remember at the end of Aliens when she travels back in time to battle the Terminator?  This movie is so cheap, the dialog is so lame, and the plot being well, Aliens that its actually funny.  Oh, this movie is a piece of sh*t, but it borders on that so bad its good territory.  It is vintage Mattei (who has gotten the label of being the Italian Ed Wood).


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