Real Fiction (Ki-Duk, Kim) 2000

This is the first Kim Ki-Duk movie that doesn’t feel like a Kim Ki-Duk film (and I don’t mean that in a good way).  The only thing I can figure is that this is so early in his career he wanted to make a movie that would both draw in a general audience and impress studio execs so he could get a bigger budget for his later works.  Ki-Duk goes for a simple revenge crime movie with I guess you could say a Lynchy twist, but it just plain sucks for many reasons.

The plot is about a mute street painter.  He has basically been a door mat for everyone: girlfriends f*ck him over, friends betray him and humiliate him, and even small time gangsters ruff him up for his nickels and dimes.  One day he (or a psychic manifestation of him, or maybe it was all a dream) snaps and goes on a killing rampage.

Before I even get to the movie, let me get to one of the sh*ttiest DVD transfers I have ever seen.  The subtitling is off.  Its as if someone is literally typing the conversation as its happening and can’t keep up so another character will start talking on screen but we will be getting words coming from the first character and we will even get conversations to flow over when the scene ends.  It is so f*cking confusing because there will be three or four people talking and about one minute in I have no f*cking idea who is saying what and to whom.  The picture/transfer is also incredibly sh*tty.  I actually had a part in the movie where the film burned (and no it wasn’t something added by the director).  Its as if the film got stuck in the projector, the film bubbled and burned up, and we get a quick edit and proceed with the rest of the movie.  HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?  Its DVD!

Anyway to the movie…it sucks too.  The movie is extremely low budget so the camera set ups are only slightly better than Clerks.  However, Clerks actually had good sound to it.  In Real Fiction, we could not get any boom mikes so everyone is talking like Charlie Brown’s teacher in a theater stage.  Okay, its not that bad, but it is still very cheap.  It doesn’t help that the movie’s score is about one step away from coming from a Casio.  There is nothing to the story.  Its the Korean version of Falling Down only dumber.  Ki-Duk tries to spice things up by making the audience question (Is this real, or a dream?  Real Fiction, GET IT!).  You are no David Lynch sir.  The action is all done with no retakes so you see some really uncomfortable actors and maybe even some miscues sometimes.  The whole film is shot on sh*tty film stock to add to the “REAL” factor but it comes of a cheap and terrible.  There is so much to hate about the film.  If I had to find something to like it is the fact it is only 80 minutes and there was a lot I could fast forward to.  As I said, this is not a Kim Ki-Duk film.  I don’t know who made this piece of sh*t but stay far away.


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