Death Note: The Last Name (Shusuke Kaneko) 2006

The sequel and the finale to the Death Note live action movies.  The story picks up right where the last led off with Light joining the task force to find Kira.  This is a continuation of the cat and mouse game between Light and L where L is trying to prove Light is Kira.  On the other side, Light is just trying to learn L’s real f*cking name so he can kill him.  Seeing the play between the two was my favorite aspect of the first movie and it is good that we get more of the same with this movie.  Really, I don’t want to say a whole lot because I don’t want to spoil potential viewers.  I do very much recommend people check out the first Death Note.  I also like the fact we ended this series because I saw the potential for this series to drag well past its expiration date (see the Saw series).  The one problem I had was it seems like things got way too complicated as characters were rules lawyering all over the Death Note rules to one up each other.  It felt like Brian was playing an RPG of Death Note.  Things were relatively straight forward in the first movie: you write a name and the manner of death and the book carries out that method of execution.  Simple and at the same time fun.  Here there are rules of passing the book on to other people, when you can and cant’ see the god of death, time periods for forgetting the events, time periods for executions, passing the books on in conjunction with changing ownership and the loss of memories and even fake rules for the forgetting of events and the deaths of people etc, etc, etc…  I kept expecting to see on one of the rules “The party of the first part…”   Seriously, this should not be that complicated.  Despite that though, it was entertaining and a good conclusion to the series.


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