Highlander 3: The Final Dimension

Production Budget: $26 million

Worldwide Gross: $36 million

Now this one may not be a bomb. I have been to several sites and have gotten varying numbers (and we are talking a wide margin here). So I will happily be proven wrong but for now I’ll stick with these numbers.

I have always been in awe of Hollywood and its drive for making a cheap buck. Only they can take a story that is 100% done (all conflicts resolved, all plots completely closed up) and try to perform a Jedi mind trick on the audience. Well your sorcerers ways wont work on me and no matter how many times you wave your hands I will still say Highlander was completely wrapped up after the first movie. Highlander 3 at least admits they have no real way of making the story go forward and instead opt just to remake the damn thing. Instead of winning the prize there was another Kurgan buried under a mountain that we all just forgot about. Instead of bringing back Brenda Wyatt, we have Deborah Unger’s character chasing him around now. Instead of doing something new, we directly rip off scenes like the Kurgans taunting of Connor in a church and Kurgan driving around his frightened captive in a car.

The movie tries to show some more of Connor’s past but it all falls flat. We spend about fifteen minutes with a previous relationship between Connor and some noble woman. It is boring and adds absolutely nothing to the character. The whole thing feels like something on the cutting room floor of the Highlander TV show. There is also an entirely pointless subplot where Connor gets locked up in a mental institution. Another source of annoyance is the fact the Queen songs are scrapped and we get uninspired generic butt rock riffs which count as a soundtrack.

The acting is alright. Unger is passable and Lambert does alright despite showing his age (and a little flab). The most embarrassing performance goes hands down to Mario Van Peebles. He grunts all his lines like he gargled with broken glass and at all times has the biggest shit eating grin imaginable. I just love how even normal breathing are filled with loud groans and grunts. After 10 minutes you are begging for someone to give him an asthma inhaler.

Highlander 3 is the most watchable sequel (I have seen it several times) however that is a rather low bar. That is like saying Police Academy 3 is the sequel less likely to make you want to kill yourself. It is nice to see Lambert back in the role as you get to take a little nostalgia trip but it is short lived. Everything with this movie is dull and uninspired. I wish I could say this was the last time Highlander continuity got f*cked over but the train just kept rolling along with Highlander Endgame and Highlander: The Source. The Source being the straw that broke this camel’s back and I absolutely refused to go on. A man’s got to know his limitations…


One Response to “Highlander 3: The Final Dimension”

  1. What an odd thing to mock up. Highlander never had any sequels. Everyone knows that…

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