Bigger Stronger Faster (2008) Chris Bell

It is sad when I can say I could cut 1 hour out of an 1hr 46 min. movie.  That is not just overstatement or whatever.  I was sitting and watching this movie with Spoony and it seriously felt like I had been watching this movie for two hours.  So I hit the time display button and I was only about 50 minutes in and a massive groan could be heard for miles.  The next hour is basically the same points hit upon again and again.

It is obvious that Chris Bell is passionate about this issue but he has absolutely NO experience in film making.  As I said, he will deliver a point and say it again and again and it is the equivalent of getting held down and being pummeled like Jared Leto in Fight Club.  I get it!  Arnold Schwartzenegger is a big hypocrite for using steroids and now asking for steroid testing in sports.  I…GET…IT!  Bell also meanders at times and does not keep his focus on the issue of steroids.  He will go off on a tangent on people’s body issues, and on the pharmaceutical industry in general.  While they do kinda figure into the debate on steroids, the major issues he raises are whether they are dangerous and whether they constitute cheating.

What is truly confounding about this movie is Bell makes it ABUNDANTLY clear that he believes steroids are not cheating and doesn’t see what the big deal is yet Bell comes off as hypocritical.  Bell’s two brothers are steroid users and Chris spends the whole movie trying to convince them steroids are bad and they are cheating.  Yeah, I don’t get it either.  Bell’s main argument is that, well everyone does it so that makes it right.  I hate to use an argument from my mother but if everyone jumped off a cliff would you do it too?  I realize it is hard for young people to compete and to get an opportunity in major sports if everyone else is abusing steroids, but that does not make you using steroids morally right.  It’s better to clamp down on this cheating behavior than to simply throw your hands in the air and join the herd mentality.

The documentary isn’t all bad.  Bell does do a good job in explaining the health risks associated with steroids are for the most part myths and scare tactics much like Reefer Madness was in the ole days.  It is just way too long, too didactic and a muddled message at that.  Steer clear of this.


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