Body of Evidence (1993) Uli Edel

Production Budget: $30 million
Gross: $13 million

The movie is about a millionaire who dies in the middle of sex.  His spouse Rebecca (Madonna) is charged with screwing him to death when cocaine is found in his system and he recently changed his will.  Her lawyer (Willem Dafoe) falls for her during the trial and is caught up in the middle of her plans.  Its basically a Basic Instinct rip off.  This movie was nominated for several Razzies and Ebert savaged the movie in his review.  The movie was somewhat hurt by the release of Madonna’s book Sex and the public souring on her.

Is it any good?  I’ve reviewed quite a lot of Madonna in this thread.  I think just about all of her movies that I reviewed were shit.  So it surprises me that this is actually an entertaining movie.  Oh its terrible, but its in a ‘so bad its good’ variety.  Its exploitation, and its so cheesy it actually works.  You have hilarious dialog like “You ever see animals make love?” or “That’s what I do; I fuck. And it made me 8 million dollars! ” You can’t help but chuckle hearing Joe Mantegna talk about nipple clamps.  Believe me, its funny.  It would be like Clint Eastwood talking about anal beads.  Speaking of an embarrassing performance by a badass, Jurgen Prochnow plays a sleazy doctor who tries to blackmail Madonna.  Or Skeletor, I mean Frank Langella, talking about how he was almost sexed to death by Madonna.

When you have a plot of a woman fucking people to death, you know you are in for a hoot.  Stupid plot twist upon stupid plot twist go on in this court room which would embarrass Judge Ito.  And being an exploitation film, we get a lot of sex.  We get both Julianne Moore and Madonna in extended graphic sex scenes and I’m alright with that.  However I have to mark the movie down a notch for seeing Willem Dafoe’s ass yet again.  I have no problem with male nudity in a film per se.  But Dafoe must think he has the greatest ass ever created because he will whip that out wherever and whenever.

This is a funny film.  If you are a bad movie connoisseur or if you want something to mock with your friends, this is a good choice.  To everyone else, this is an obvious bad movie and should be avoided.  But I had fun with it.


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