Doomsday (2008) Neil Marshall

Production Budget: $30 million

Worldwide Gross: $22 million

A deadly virus has struck Scotland.  To quickly stop the virus from spreading, the world constructs a wall across it’s land borders and has a military blockade of its waters.  Everything seems to have worked until several years later when there is an outbreak in the heart of London.  A former survivor of Glasgow and now special ops agent Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) is sent in.  (Sent in by Prime Minister Doctor Bashir from DS9) Apparently there are some survivors still in Scotland, and Sinclair is tasked to find one to find if there is a cure for the virus.  Inside she finds society has degenerated into a group of cannibal, car driving punk rock rejects.

Neil Marshall is quickly becoming a director I pay attention too.  His low budget horror movie Dog Soldiers was an extremely campy and scary horror movie and Descent was a breath of fresh air in a dead horror genre.  It is obvious to see the obvious parallels this movie has with primarily Escape from New York and Mad Max.

I really see this movie as kind of a third installment to the Grindhouse movies.  It is a loving homage to the post apocalyptic B grade action movies of the 80’s.  There is so much attention to the details of the genre you can see Marshall knows his stuff.  The look, the characters, the…uh liberties with the plot; hell, even the music has the John Carpenter feel to it.  There is just so much downright cool things to like about this movie: cannibal bikers, exploding bunnies, fights with medieval knights, a Bentley chase in post apocalyptic Glasgow.  All we need are some pirates and ninjas and I’ll officially orgasm.

Rhona Mitra does a good job as the female equivalent to Snake Plissken.  She doesn’t too anything to physically impossible as out heroine and she delivers her lines with the right amount of dry Brittish drollness.  She is complimented by a great villain in Saul.  He is so over the top you cannot help but love his energy.  There are also some nice supporting performances by Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell.

I have read some reviews that complain “The movie can’t possibly happen!  Cars don’t work like that!  There are plot holes!”  That is like nitpicking Escape from New York or any of the Mad Max movies or any cheesy action movie.  You don’t go in for logical realism or a real world simulator.  You watch it because of the setting, the silly acting and the great action scenes.  This is a fun throwback to the exploitation post apocalyptic movies of old.  Just have fun with it.


One Response to “Doomsday (2008) Neil Marshall”

  1. Any movie that showcases the classic anti-pathy of punkers vs. Rennies is alright in my book. Add an exploding gimp and you rocket to the Best of the Year list…

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