Pathfinder (2007) Marcus Nispel

Production Budget: $26 million
Worldwide Gross: $10 million

Oh god, this one hurt.  Okay, the plot, such as it is, is about a Viking boy that is left behind on an early expedition to North America.  The boy is raised by Native Americans to one day be the great white hope for when the Vikings return.  This movie is boring!  Unbelievably boring.  Pathfinder is almost two hours and if you are expecting it to be some non-stop action roller coaster you would be dead wrong.  A lot of the movie is useless character filler about Ghost (Karl Urban) working out his feelings about his dual identity as both Viking and Native American, his feelings over his love interest, his friendship with other tribesmen and on and on and on.  I know many times I complain about not enough character development but here we get way to damn much.  Its like watching Under Siege and putting in an extra 40 minutes on Seagal’s childhood and his inability to communicate his feelings toward women.  It especially doesn’t help that Karl Urban is not exactly an Edward Norton in terms of acting.  Hell, he is not even a Van Damme in terms of acting.  So when we get to the action much much much later what do we get?  A shield skiing scene ripped off from Willow and Ghost stalking Vikings in a rip off of Rambo.  The plot is awful, the acting is non existent, and the action is uninteresting.  Can we all admit the idea of Karl Urban as a lead failed big time.  First Doom then Pathfinder: can we restrict him to doing bit villain roles where he is banned from speaking?  Oh yeah, before I forget about the “Unrated” version.  The director seems to think if we add screens full of badly done CGI blood we think that will be entertaining or hardcore.  I am all for pointless violence, but the blood looks terrible as it seems to be thrown in at the last second.  Whatever version you get, it all blows.


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