P2 (2007) Franck Khalfoun

Production Budget: $8 million
Gross: $4 million

I saw this movie directly after Vacancy, a horror movie that pissed me off with poor writing, acting, and many cliches.  I came in expecting to DESPISE this movie.  Yet about halfway through of moping I said to myself “Hm, this is pretty good.”  And after I finished the movie I said to myself “That was pretty damn good”.  Point is…I need to stop talking to myself.

The story is as follows.  A businesswoman is leaving her office building for Christmas dinner with her sister.  Her car won’t start for unknown reasons.  The friendly parking garage security guard Tom (Wes Bentley) offers to give her a jump and even share in some grub.  Later he kidnaps her, ties her to a chair, and professes his love for her.  Tom doesn’t want to hurt her, he wants to love her and hurt her enemies.

The first thing I have to mention is the acting.  When I first picked up the box I was bemoaning the death of Wes Bentley’s career.  I mean he was terrific in American Beauty, he was the next sexy young actor, and then vanished into thin air.  But damn, he IS this movie.  It could be easy Tom’s role could be very hammy and over the top.  Bentley does a great job of making him genuinely creepy.  He can be the friendly boy next door one minute and creepy psychopathic stalker the next.  He is very compelling to watch.  Of course the lead actress also does a good job in being shocked by the events occurring around her but also psychologically strong.

You would think that a movie with supposedly just two actors would be boring with not a lot of action but you would be surprised.  Even though there is a few characters, it is an interesting cat and mouse games.  Angela gets away through legitimate ways (and not just plot conveniences), tries to outsmart Tom in logical ways, and Tom tries to find her in some suspenseful scenes.  Its a movie that just has one thing, a creepy parking garage, and makes the absolute most of it.  Its refreshing to have a director utilizes what he has instead of throwing money and making it a spectacle like most PG-13 horror movies nowadays.

Now this isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread.  This is a very good entry in the horror genre.  With the sh*tty state of the horror genre in the past couple years though, even very good  elevates it a little more.  I was desperate for a good horror fix and I was pleasantly surprised by P2.  And of course it had to bomb at the box office.  *rolls eyes*


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