Event Horizon (1997) Paul W.S. Anderson

Production Budget: $60 million
Gross: $46 million

Paul Anderson was handed Event Horizon after the success of Mortal Kombat.  The condition handed to Anderson was he had to complete the project on a set date which meant he had to cut post production from 6 weeks to 4 weeks.  Anderson also wished to create a hard R film after the PG-13 Kombat.  The plot focused on a ship of the same name which tested a theoretical space folding technology.  The ship disappeared for seven years when it just re-appeared with no word from the crew.  A rescue team is sent in to determine what went wrong and of course things quickly go tits up (technical term of course).  The place becomes a Lovecraftian hellhole that plays around with the entire crew.

The movie was longer initially, but Anderson had to cut 20 minutes of the “hell” scene because test audiences didn’t react well and to make the R rating.  The movie failed at the box office but has a strong cult following on DVD which also has a new 2 Disc edition.  Most of the original footage was destroyed since production, but Anderson made a Director’s Cut using what he could find on old VHS transfers.

Is it any good?  I’m usually not the person to give Paul “The Man” Anderson credit, but I actually liked Event Horizon.  Anderson does a good job of creating a dark twisted atmosphere and some damn creepy images which are still freaky even today.  The story has some of the usual horror cliches but it helps when you have the likes of Sam Neill and Lawrence Fishburne to execute it all.  The story isn’t great but the movie has atmosphere and it has it in spades.  I recommend those wanting a horror fix because it has great atmosphere, gore, and special effects.


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