Deception (2008) Marcel Langenegger

Production Budget: $25 million
Worldwide Gross: about $5 million

Deception is about meekish accountant Johnathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) toiling away in a boring tedious firm.  He meets a charming and funny lawyer Wyatt Bose and the two become quick friends.  Bose introduces McQuarry to “The List” a phone list a sexy single businesswomen who are too busy for relationships and just want quick sex.  McQuarry uses this list A LOT and eventually meets a woman whom he falls in love with.  McQuarry’s life quickly turns upside down as this woman disappears and Bose is not who he appears to be.  This synopsis is actually better than watching the trailer, which spoils the entire freaking movie.

Deception is not a horrible movie, but it has a lot of problems.  The movie actually starts out really well and I found myself enjoying the play between Jackman and McGregor.  They are actually charming together.  This changes later on when Jackman’s character changes to being a suave dude to a snarling threat spewing one dimensional eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil guy.  McGregor does fine enough I guess, but just because you put on a pair of glasses does not make you a shy nerd.  Michelle Williams is not a femme fatale; she just isn’t.

For a movie which is at its core an erotic thriller, this is probably one of the tamest movies I have seen in a while.  There is a little nudity but no real violence and not even any cursing.  Its just strange that I am yearning for Paul Verhoven during my movie.  As I said before, the movie is charming up until the point where Bose’s plan takes effect.   That’s when the wheels just fall off.  There are unexplained plot twists, plot holes as to past events, actions in which if the characters do anything than what they do in the movie the whole story falls apart, and a twist ending you can see coming from miles away.  Oh, and we can’t have a movie like this without an accusation slinging detective.

All that being said, I didn’t loathe this movie.  I guess I had my expectations so low that I only consider this a bad movie and not truly horrible.  There are some good performances but the story is so tired and contrived you can’t really enjoy it.


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