D-Tox/Eye See You (2002) Jim Gillespie

Production Budget: $55 million
Gross: $79,000

Not much to say about this production wise.  It was produced in Canada in 1999 and was originally slated to be directed by Ron Howard (who skipped in order to do the Grinch movie).  Frankly I think Howard made the wrong choice.  Anyway the movie was sidelined and eventually disowned by Universal and give a minor theatrical release resulting in its pathetic box office take and given a better DVD release under the American release title of Eye See You.

The plot is about Malloy (Sylvester Stallone) a cop who loses it when he witnesses a brutal murder.  He checks himself into a law enforcement rehab center that’s apparently in the South Pole but is supposed to be Wyoming.  The killer Malloy was pursuing before kills one of the patients and takes his place picking off the patients one by one.

You know I actually really liked the concept behind this movie.  Its sad that the execution held this movie back from being great.  You had the potential to have a suspense movie like the Thing where you don’t know who to trust (and if you’re going to rip something off, rip off the best).  And to his credit, I really like brooding Stallone.  The problem is we don’t get enough of the man.

As I said the problem with the movie is in its execution.  It has all the elements in a compelling character, a creepy setting, and the potential for a scary killer.  But the movie just kind of plods along.  There are too many characters (in order to fuel the “who do you trust” theme) but they crowd out Stallone who is the reason to watch it in the first place.  That’s like moving away from MacReady to focus on the relationship between Childs and Palmer.  We never really get the feeling of isolation, the creeping terror of the cold, and the fear of anyone being the killer.

This is a shame because I am a fan of Stallone and this was actually one of his more earnest efforts than say Rhinestone.  Its not worth renting, but its not a piece of shit.  Just skip it.  What I want to know is what did they spend the 55 mil on?  Its a one location shot with no special effects or stars other than Stallone.


2 Responses to “D-Tox/Eye See You (2002) Jim Gillespie”

  1. “What I want to know is what did they spend the 55 mil on? Its a one location shot with no special effects or stars other than Stallone.”

    You might want to look at Stallone’s salary for starters !!!


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