Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead (1995) Gary Fleder

Production Budget: $8 million
Worldwide Gross: roughly $4 million

The movie is about Jimmy the Saint (played by Andy Garcia), a thief who is brought out of retirement by Christopher Walken’s character for one last job.  The job goes bad, and Walken gives Saint’s crew 48 hours before he kills them in horrible ways.  Jimmy tries to get all of his crew to leave Denver or to go into hiding.

I suppose you could say the style is similar to Tarantino as far as the dialog and the stylized violence.  However, I don’t want to give the impression it is a weak rip off or homage.  I really liked this movie.  You have strong performances from Andy Garcia (whenever he is given a leading role is a good thing) Walken, Treat Williams, Christopher Lloyd, Bill Nunn, and Steve Buscemi.  The title, let’s face it, sucks.  Its a self indulgent title like Lucky Number Sle7en that no matter what good praise you hear about it, you have to smack the producers in the face for being such a twat and hanging such an unwieldy title on it.  That being said, it is a fresh story with witty dialog and very charismatic actors to pull it off.  I’ll say again: how can you fail with Christopher Walken and Andy Garcia?  It’s funny, its dramatic, its bloody, and it is criminal that this movie was ignored.  Seriously, watch this movie.  You will not be disappointed.


One Response to “Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead (1995) Gary Fleder”

  1. The title is from a Warren Zevon song…

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