The Lost City (2005) Andy Garcia

Production Budget: $9.6 million
Domestic Gross: $2.4 million

This review is going to be pretty short simply because I have tried writing it two times prior and my computer has crashed twice.  Anyway, its easy to see how passionate Andy Garcia is about this movie.  It took him over 16 years to make.  The movie takes place in the 1950’s and is about Fico, a bar owner much like Rick in Casablanca.  His family is torn apart from the revolution by Castro.  Fico’s business is destroyed and the only thing keeping him from leaving is the love of a woman.  Music is a major theme and even Garcia says (in a DVD introduction) that it is like a main character.

Overall, this movie is good.  Andy Garcia is classy as always and Bill Murray gives a unique performance.  The music is great and Garcia does a good job directing his first time out.  We are not given an all encompassing look at the whole revolution, but that is kind of a good thing.  This is Fico’s story.  All he wants to do is run his club, but the revolution does not stop and goes as far as banning the saxophone because of its evil democratic influences.  If there was one problem it was with the love story.  I just didn’t buy this love triangle between Fico, his brother’s (who dies early on) spouse, and basically Che himself.  A lot of time is dedicated to it, yet there is no depth to it and it all feels like a waste of time.  The Lost City was a movie that for me, was entertaining enough to watch once but I don’t feel any need to watch it again.  There are no incredibly memorable moments or any thing which will have me coming back for more.  It is a personal project and like I said, overall good.  Buuuut I just don’t feel it is good enough to necessarily recommend: especially with the length.  Over two and a half hours is too long.


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