Mother Night (1996) Keith Gordon

Production Budget: $5.5 million
Worldwide Gross: $400,000

Mother Night is an adaptation of a Kurt Vonnegut novel of the same name.  The story is about Howard W. Campbell, and American spy who poses as a Nazi propagandist during WWII.  He does such a good job is labeled a Nazi War Criminal and hunted by the Israelis after the war.  To tell you the truth, I do not remember this movie being released at all in theaters.  I mean, it was; I’m sure it was.  But I do not remember talk about this movie or trailers for it in theaters.  I only remember a trailer for it coming out on DVD on one of the Crow DVDs I think.  I suppose it doesn’t help that director Keith Gordon really didn’t do anything of note before and not much after outside of directing a few episodes of Dexter.

Enough blathering though.  Is it any good?  Yes, very much so.  Vonnegut was connected with the movie and you even see him on a DVD interview with star Nick Nolte.  Being a fan of the book too, I can tell you the movie is faithful to the original source material.  If anything, you should watch this movie for the wonderful performance by Nolte.  I wonder if there is a scene without him but I could care less.  The story is intriguing as you have no idea where the story will go next.  No one knew about this movie when it came out and no one really knows about it on video as you can barely find it anywhere.  But I would just about recommend you dig up a copy on Netflix or blind buy a used copy on Amazon.  Its that good.


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