Life or Something Like it (2002) Stephen Harek

Production Budget: $40 million
Worldwide Gross: $17 million
Subsequent Earnings: $24 million

Life or something like it is about ditzy blonde news reporter Lanie Kerrigan (played by Angelina Jolie) who interviews a prophetic bum on the street who tells her that her life is meaningless and she is going to die soon.  There is also a budding romance involving the scruffy Luke Perry-ish rogue of a cameraman (played by Edward Burns).

What has my life come to?  Have I become such a masochist that I am to start reviewing every piece of sh*t Jolie has bombed in?  To call Life or Something Like It formulaic would be an understatement of the year.  This movie is so goddamn derivative I could recite every contrived plot twist and unbelievable character development.  The comedy is flat and uninspired.  And if you want to see something that will make your head explode, then watch Angelina Jolie sing an a Capella version of the Rolling Stone’s I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.  That is a crime against humanity.  Even though it is billed as a comedy, we get this awkward mix of melodrama that is just so out of place in this movie.  There is someone you cry for in the movie, and that is Tony Shaloub for acting in this piece of sh*t.  The plot is completely implausible and is drawn along simply by the writer’s whims.  I should have known better, because Richard Roeper gave it a thumbs up.  However, Roeper is not 100% wrong like Ben Lyons whom I know to do the opposite of just about every review he does.

Of course I’m rambling; I don’t want to talk about this movie.  LoSLI is not funny, dramatic, original, memorable, or any other adjective you would use for a good movie.  Jolie was nominated for a Razzie for her performance, and this is just further proof that she is one of the most overrated actresses working in Hollywood.  What a piece of sh*t.


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